Tales of Symphonia Screens 04-02-2008

New Tales of Symphonia screens.

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rCrysis3882d ago

Loved the first one, hope they make this one even better. It's starting to look good already.

Bleucrunch3882d ago

I love tales anything so I will get this, my favorite is of course Table of the Abyss. (OOOOMMMGGG that game was sexy)

PS360WII3882d ago

yeah this will be fun to play for sure ^^ Looking good.

ChickeyCantor3882d ago

if 4 player mode is back its a musthave-have

sumfood4u3882d ago

Final Fantasy, Suikoden, & Breath of Fire!

PS360WII3881d ago

yeah Capcom really needs to make another Breath of Fire