9 Titles you don't want to miss this holiday for Wii

Wii Wish You a Merry Christmas, Wii Wish You a Merry Christmas, Wii Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. This is a list of what GameOnNintendo considers to be the best bet for your gaming needs this year for Nintendo Wii.

They have broken down their list of 9 must-have titles that will satisfy every gamer on your "holiday" list (After all it is October and Good Ol' Saint Nick will be breaking into your homes soon). So, without further ado...

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Whoooop3542d ago

I wouldn't miss those for the world....

vitz33542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

I hope you're being sarcastic. All those games look like crap.

Sonic never needed to be "unleashed", he should have been brought out back and shot a long time ago.

The cycle of Sonic games. As represented by the picture included.

Tales of Symphonia MIGHT be worthwile. But what else is there?... Anybody? Umm year-old games?

Imallvol73542d ago

everyone here knows how i feel about the wii. no comment.

Whoooop3541d ago


Any comment like mine concerning the Wii is automatically sarcastic.


Myst-Vearn3542d ago

with the exception of Tales of Symphonia all of these games gonna suck hard

real games that you don't want to miss are on the PS3 (and to an extent 360 )

ChickeyCantor3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

SO wait, it was never your intention to actually say something good and just promote the PS3 (and 360 to an "extent") on a Wii article?
Why ? WTF?.

World of goo, Call of duty, Tales of and castlevania are games im interested in.

Also like the concept of DokaponKingdom.
Rpg mixed with some sort of boardgame, interesting.

tatotiburon3542d ago

lena you FAILED, world of goo got a 9.5 from IGN

ChickeyCantor3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

Here ya go, the 2 disagrees are flawed my friend.
It is getting more 9's from reviewer.

edit: now they are 3

Captain_Sony3542d ago

Not exactly my list of games but good non the less.. I also want to point out how amusing it is to have the first people to rush to a post about the Wii to be the ones who0 claim they do not care.. You kinda prove that wrong though by rushing here to spew your hate...Yeah we know how some of you feel about the Wii, intimidated enough to focus your life on it. So upset you cannot even enjoy your own chosen console for fear that a good Wii article might get posted without your hate being posted..

Imallvol73541d ago

well what else is more fun to do when your sitting at work? Grab a pitch fork and lets get that Wii once and for all!!!

Mini Mario3541d ago

"well what else is more fun to do when your sitting at work?"

Ahh u could try....working>? Im sure that would be more productive than hating on something all the time.

Not good for your health.

Product3541d ago

lol you must be a very important person to just sit at work and not do anything.

BLuKhaos3541d ago

ha ha pathetic.Other than ToS and CoD that list is crap.Must be depressing being a Wii only gamer.

ChickeyCantor3541d ago

me owning 2 systems it actually comes down to what you like.
And these games arent pathetic, great for wii only gamers.

Mini Mario3541d ago

"ha ha pathetic.Other than ToS and CoD that list is crap.Must be depressing being a Wii only gamer."

I would love to know how many ppl go over to the ps3/360 and post their hate. If u hate the wii so much why come to this forum and read the makes...seriously .........NO sense.

If u dont own a wii (or had one and sold it the next really know a system after a day), dont play the wii, dont care for the wii....why post all the hate>???

White-Sharingan3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

@ mini mario- probably because this is a free country? probably because no one can have a 1 sided mind? probably because we are humans? probably because this is N4g?

if you know that your questions have such obvious answers; why even post them? stop wasting your finger energy and rage

um.........yeah...........err r rrrrrrr..................uhhhh h hhhhhhhh...............well... . ..*

*this is the new fad! =D

ChickeyCantor3541d ago

" probably because this is a free country?"
Most horrible opening line on the internet.
HAHAHA so wait we all live in AMERICA?!


Mini mario does have a point, these pages are meant for " discussions". So why badmouth something while nothing good is comming from it anyway. If you got nothing good to say just STFU.

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White-Sharingan3541d ago

I only see ToS as being a good game

Wii isnt for games; just Wii sports; Wii Fit; Wii Music; Wii Chess; Wii play; Wii sports 2

Mini Mario3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

"Wii isnt for games; just Wii sports; Wii Fit; Wii Music; Wii Chess; Wii play; Wii sports 2"

nintendo do that with there games (put the part of the consoles name in their games, apart from the cube...and mainly coz that wouldve been pretty hard to do based on the name), theyve been doing it since the snes. For example:-

Super nintendo-

Super mario world, super star wars, super punch out, super ghouls n ghosts, super metroid.....the list really goes on

Mario 64, mario kart 64, goldeneye 64, wave race 64, pilot wings 64 etc etc

So really its not like theyve JUST started naming there games in that fasion.

But im sure an intelligent/mature (who plays those "mature" games where u put the smack down on some hoes and take their cash, then split.....LOL...yeh..mature?) guy like u wouldve realised that>>>>>? ....ah...yeh ....sure.......u would have.......kinda.. >?

3541d ago
3541d ago
3541d ago
White-Sharingan3541d ago

oh my; sidar such strong words!!! I bet you feel more like a man now? take it easy kid, your mom wouldnt like that

3541d ago
White-Sharingan3541d ago

lol seriously; your the one calling me immature? look at yourself; your acting overboard like if I insulted your mom or something

when you calm down and mature a bit; then lets talk

but for now ill just lol at this amusement =]

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