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Sega All Stars: Skies of Arcadia Vyse Statue from First 4 Figures gets U.S. release date

4h ago - Check out the release date for the Sega All Stars: Skies of Arcadia Vyse Statue from First 4 Figu... | Culture

Skies of Arcadia: Intrepid Adventuring in Japanese

16d ago - AUTOMATON's Shehzaan Abdulla takes it upon himself to find out if the original Japanese version o... | Culture

Skies of Arcadia Original Soundtrack Album Vol.1 & 2 released today

28d ago - Today, SEGA released on iTunes and Amazon MP3 in Japan the original soundtrack albums of the Skie... | Culture

Seven more Japanese games that Sega need to bring to steam

45d ago - Now that Valkyria Chronicles has been such a huge success, Rice Digital looks at which other Japa... | GameCube

Grand Theft Auto V (XB1) Review

Now - Ken returns to Los Santos and gets lost in its world again. | Promoted post

5 Lesser Known RPGs You Deserve To Play

65d ago - Justin from Controller Crusade writes: "Like many of you, I love RPGs. Taking a group of misfits... | Retro

Game of The Week-Sky Pirates. SKY PIRATES.

122d ago - Kotaku TAY blogger WingZero351 returns this week with a look at Dreamcast classic Skies of Arcadi... | Retro

Misplaced Melodies #2: Dreamcast Stuff

131d ago - So for this edition of Misplace Melodies 8BitChimp wanted to look at one of Brian's favorite cons... | GameCube

First 4 Figures Offering up Skies of Arcadia Vyse Figure

150d ago - Hardcore Gamer: To our knowledge, this marks the first SoA figure, well, ever. And boy is it a do... | GameCube

Remasters, Ports and Remakes: Dos and Don’ts

151d ago - 'With The Last of Us Remastered coming out and garnering lots of praise for being a good remaster... | Culture

3 Fantastic JRPGs You Probably Missed Out On

188d ago - Ed from Twinfinite writes: Let's take a look back at three fantastic Japanese Role Playing Games... | Retro

Vyse “Skies of Arcadia” First 4 Figures Statues Now Available For Pre-Order

242d ago - Vyse, the sky pirate from SEGA’s Skies of Arcadia is now available for pre-order via First 4 Figu... | Culture

Top 5 Most Ridiculously Over the Top RPG Special Moves

247d ago - 'Everyone loves a special move. They are big, flashy, super-powerful and would probably kill not... | Culture

10 RPGs we want on Xbox One

432d ago - OXM UK - "RPGs on Xbox One! Turns out a fair few of you are keen on the idea, though I suspect th... | Xbox One

SEGA Brand Manager Hasn't Heard Anything About a Skies of Arcadia HD Version

487d ago - Last we heard about a possible Skies of Arcadia HD edition was last year when they renewed the ga... | Xbox 360

The religion of Skies Of Arcadia

519d ago - Metro - Today I wish to discuss with you, the Internet, Skies Of Arcadia. More specifically I wis... | Retro

Shiver Me Pixels: The 10 Best Pirate Games Ever Made

667d ago - Here are 10 great pirate games for you to enjoy while you're waiting for Assassin's Creed IV... | Culture

I Really Miss the Glory Days of Japanese RPGs

710d ago -'s Dave Walsh takes a look at how Japanese RPGs went from a once beloved genre to on... | PS3

GameCube Meets the Bargain Bin at GameStop

717d ago - GameStop is in the process of clearancing everything GameCube. Most stores have already sold out.... | GameCube

HD update for Skies of Arcadia

765d ago - GR-UK writes: "A source close to Sega has told that the recent trademark renewel f... | Xbox 360

Sega, Square Enix, Where The Hell Is The Next Skies of Arcadia and Chrono Trigger?

803d ago - By owner & editor-in-chief Furious Francis Chrono Trigger and Skies of Arcadia were standout R... | GameCube

Get paid to review products

Now - Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Participation... | Promoted post

13 Sega Classics We Want On XBLA/PSN

809d ago - NowGamer: With more Sega classics on the way, we look at 13 other gems from Sega's past that woul... | GameCube

Top 100 RPGs of All Time #69-41

837d ago - IGN is now on the third day of their Top RPGs of All Time list. Today IGN are adding #69-41 to th... | GameCube

SEGA renews Skies of Arcadia trademark

846d ago - SEGA renewed its Skies of Arcadia, possibly giving more fuel to the fire that it will be re-relea... | Xbox 360

Top 5 Games That Deserve A Sequel

858d ago - There are many games that deserve a sequel, but here are just a few that could use another game i... | GameCube

Walkin' the Plank: Best Pirate Games

863d ago - "What ARRRRRR ya doing?" Play these awesome pirate games. (And yes, Monkey Island made the list.) | Xbox 360
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