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Top 100 RPGs of All Time #69-41

IGN is now on the third day of their Top RPGs of All Time list. Today IGN are adding #69-41 to the list. This whole week IGN are adding more RPGs to the list, until the entire list is complete on Friday. (Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy X, GameCube, Kingdom Hearts II, Nintendo DS, PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, Retro, Skies of Arcadia, Wii, Xenoblade Chronicles, Xenogears)

Relientk77  +   1087d ago
There are some really good RPGs in this latest installment of IGN's list

Final Fantasy X
Skies of Arcadia
Xenoblade Chronicles
Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling Together

and more
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WildArmed  +   1087d ago
Indeed, makes you wonder what comes after these monster titles.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   1087d ago
The incredible lack of PC RPGs on this list shows IGNs obvious inexperience with real games.

Oh yeah, they put games like Diablo on it so far, and Fallout 2. Uh huh. Big surprise. Perhaps they could just compile "Top 100 most popular RPGs" and the list would look the same.
3-4-5  +   1087d ago
You do realize there is 40 more games to go on the list right ? And some of them WILL be PC.

Jumping to conclusions makes you look less than intelligent.
gillri  +   1086d ago
well thats becasue there have been alot more good JRPG's than WRPGS over the long history in this genre

WRPG's werent very good until the mid/late 90's

there will be alot more higher up the list although I suspect Chrono Trigger will be top, a masterpiece
Chris558  +   1087d ago
Where is Gothic 1,2 damn kings
rhap  +   1087d ago
IGN has no clue about what it takes for a RPG to be good. They are just randomly generating this list naming 100 well known games.
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LX-General-Kaos  +   1087d ago
Xenoblade Chronicles is by far the greatest jrpg I have ever experienced. Followed by Final Fantasy 7, and The Nintendo Gamecube entertainment system version of Skies Of Arcadia.

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izumo_lee  +   1087d ago
C'mon IGN!! Xenogears, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy 10 & Kingdom Hearts 2 should ALL be in the top 20 at least 30. Heck some games like Xenogears in my opinion is in the top 10. To me it is my favorite Square game they have ever made....fighting in giant mechs how can that be bad!
BlueandRed  +   1087d ago
I can't wait to see their top 20.
rhap  +   1087d ago
Mass Effect and Dragon Age are what IGN consider "GREAT RPGs". FPS and hack n slash with RPG elements. Damn, even Diablo is a RPG for them.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1087d ago
demons souls is #1
guitarded77  +   1087d ago
I think they put Demon's Souls at #79... if I remember correctly. I do wonder how they made this list. There are some great games much lower than some okay games. I think they put a few great games in each group of 10 so the list doesn't get stagnant. Anyway, my list would certainly be different, but it's always interesting to see other people's picks and compare them to my picks.
wastedcells  +   1087d ago
Persona 3 was good times. Thought it would be higher.
VileAndVicious  +   1087d ago
so i knew this was ign...but ok I dont agree with them puting:

Vagrant story [94]
Final Fantasy 9
legend of dragoon [96]
Persona 4!!

near the bottom of this list...its blasphemy lol.I mean VagrantStory is a classic and dont get me wrong mass effect is cool but cmon. damn. smh. whats in the top 20 if some of the greatest RPGs of all time are ranked so low. You cant tell me Golden sun was better than final fantasy 9!lol
rant over lol
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elda  +   1087d ago
FFX,ChronoTrigger,Secret of Evermore,Secret of Mana,Xenosaga,FF-XIII
Wolfbiker  +   1086d ago
The fact That IGN put KH2 higher than KH1 shows how credible this list is. Ign themselves gave KH2 a 7.6 and KH1 a 9 yet KH2 is higher than 1. Also Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy IX and Mass Effect 2 are top 10 according to their Metascore.

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