Sega comments on the possibility of a Skies of Arcadia port for Playstation 3

Aaron Webber, the Associate Brand Manager for Sega of America, made a rather interesting comment about Skies of Arcadia possibly being ported over to the Playstation 3.

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GammaTru2621d ago

Fans have been asking for this for ages! One of the best SEGA RPG's, it really deserves to return in some shape or form.

Yi-Long2621d ago

... I missed this game somehow when it was out for the Dreamcast (which I had) and the GameCube (which I also have...), but was always curious about it.

I really hope they bring out a proper port that will do the game justice.

princejb1342621d ago

never played this game but I've heard of its greatness
do it sega

XeNoStRatoS2621d ago

PLEASE that would be too awesome to be true!

VampiricDragon2621d ago

this would be ultra lame

A port isnt what the fans want

a sequel is what they want

Kain812621d ago

But a, well sold port would made them think about a sequel, its a start...
I think the japanese game Industry is worried to work on JRPGs cause they need more time to develop and you know time is money, and the last JRPGs does not sold well, cause of harsh Reviews, best example White Knight Chronicles, Folklore...

Stealth2k2621d ago

1) It probably wont

2) They arent worried to work on jrpgs because for the most part they all make profit.

3) wkc and folklore are 2 out of over 200 jrpgs made this gen. Alot get great reviews, some dont

For every mass effect theres an alpha protocol.

Rumor Monger2621d ago

i think Kain is talking about Large Scale Japanese RPGs on consloes like Breath Of Fire or Final Fantasy, if so than he is right...

best Example is Capcom instead to work on Breath of Fire they working on Dragons Dogma, and the Cause is very simple its more western friendly...
Konami has Fired the devs behind Suikoden...
Than look at Tri Ace there new Engine shows, a more western friendly Character...Kain is right most Jrpgs are now a mix between japanese and western Rpgs...

And Level 5 is now showing the Japanese Industry how its done with Ni No Kuni...we need varierity in our Industry and Level 5 is doing it right.

Scamco i hope has learned and brings there Tales of games to western terriories too

Kain812621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

@Rumor Monger
No i mean Final Fantasy sold well cause of the Brand name alone, but in general the cost to make a Large Scale RPG is higher than a simple shooter, the JRPGs suffer in Western Regions, and so the Publishers are affraid to publish them here, and thats why (like you said) Namco did not publish Tales games after Tales of Vesperia...
Than we have harsh Reviews, cause the game is a Turnbased RPG and so on...

1) It will sell well in my opinion
2)In Japan yes, but if they dont PUBLISH them in WESTERN REGIONS its a LOST Oportunity (Oportunity Costs)and if they publish them than on a risk
3)Most JRPGs are niche titles like Disgea, Valkyria Chronicles ( after the first game it went to Handhelds, Atelier series, suikoden, only BIG titles sell well in western regions like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Persona, Dragon Quest...

Yi-Long2621d ago

... but as long as some developers make the mistake to not include the original language as an option, I won't be buying their games.

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Malice-Flare2621d ago

that don't mean crap after what you decided about Valkyria Chronicles...

tiffac0082621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

I'm all for a Skies of Arcadia port (sequel though would have been great)

But why can't they just localize VC3? If Sega is worried about sales in the west then why not just put it on PSN or have a 3rd party do the localization?

XSeed localized Sega's Sakura Taisen 5 for the Wii and PS2 for pete sakes!

Come on Sega don't alienate your VC English speaking fans, we did say put the sequel on a console and not a handheld didn't we? T^T

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