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Sony Exec Reveals Nathan Drake’s Original Outfit in Uncharted, and the Origins of the Half-Tuck

133d ago - Nathan Drake’s “adventurer style” outfit has become a staple in the Uncharted games, and especial... | PS3

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection: Sony’s Scott Rohde “Super-Teases” Lots More to Be Revealed

133d ago - You’ve seen and heard quite a bit about Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, but apparently, t... | PS4

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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Sony Explains Why It Took Them So Long To Reveal The Last Guardian

167d ago - SCEA's Scott Rohde also comments on Uncharted 4 and Uncharted collection. | PS4

Shu Yoshida’s “Russian Shulette” and More Funny PlayStation Stories Shared at PlayStation Experience

357d ago - During the "Story Time" panel at PlayStation Experience, Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei... | PS3

Sony Scott Rohde Talks E3 2014 Games

530d ago - Scott Rohde, head of Sony Worldwide Studios, talks PlayStation TV and exclusive PS4 and PS Vita g... | PS4

PlayStation Software Product Dev Boss “Very Excited” About Upcoming Sony Santa Monica Project

531d ago - PlayStation Software Product Dev Head Scott Rohde is “Very Excited” About Upcoming Sony Santa Mon... | PS4

Interview: Scott Rohde on Supporting Vita, the Last Guardian and Xbox Jibes | CVG

534d ago - Unlike Microsoft, Sony's E3 press conference wasn't entirely focused on games that will be releas... | PS4

Sony Talks Microtransactions in $60 Games, 1080p Debate

534d ago - PlayStation boss Scott Rohde says decisions about microtransactions are made on a case-by-case ba... | PS4

Sony’s Gone ‘Back to the Drawing Board’ to Make Driveclub ‘Great’

629d ago - IGN : "The energy surrounding the upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive racing game Driveclub has l... | PS4

PlayStation 4 Is A Hit, But What About PlayStation 5?

702d ago - PlayStation Development Head discusses the next, next console. When MTV News caught up with PlayS... | PS4

Fox Business: A Look at PS4's Infamous Second Son and Interview With Scott Rohde

809d ago - Sony Computer Entertainment SVP Scott Rohde gives a sneak peak at a video game not yet on the mar... | PS4

Sony: We were 'running up and down the aisles' when Xbox One was revealed at $499

897d ago - Sony's Scott Rohde has revealed that when Microsoft announced the Xbox One's $499 price point at... | PS4

Interview with Scott Rohde on Playstation 4

897d ago - Paul Miller sits down with Scott Rohde, Sony Worldwide Studios' Playstation Software Product Deve... | PS4

“A Lot of” PS4 E3 Indie Games Could Come to PS Vita, There’s a “Huge Global Effort” to get Indies

899d ago - After talking about the PS4 and Beyond: Two Souls, Scott Rohde shrunk things down on the LiveCast... | PS4

“PlayStation Isn’t About Trends,” Beyond Isn’t the “Kind of Game That Other Publishers Would Risk”

899d ago - Though perhaps not as well known as Shuhei Yoshida, Kaz Hirai, or Adam Boyes at this moment, Scot... | PS3

No First/Third Party Online Passes On Ps4

901d ago - Patrick spends 30 minutes talking PS4 policies with Scott Rohde, SVP of product development at So... | PS4

Wii U lead isn't important, contends Sony's Rohde

1269d ago - Sony isn't talking next-gen at this year's E3. Nor is Microsoft. Nintendo's Wii U, however, got i... | PS3

Sony: “we’re still supporting motion gaming”

1270d ago - News: Sony’s senior VP Scott Rohde explains why the company is pushing motion gaming despite crit... | PSP

Sony: No PS4 at E3 because “we don’t need to talk about that yet”

1271d ago - The PS3 has so many games coming that Sony couldn’t even fit them all into their E3 conference, s... | PS3

The Last Guardian “not going to ship till it’s perfect” – Sony VP

1272d ago - The Last Guardian is “absolutely” going to come out, and Scott Rohde is “proud” that Sony are pre... | PS3

See what games are coming out in 2016

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Sony: Long-term Vita strategy will avoid PSP-like software 'droughts'

1376d ago - Scott Rohde is senior vice president of its Worldwide Studios organization, and has been around s... | Industry

Is Vita losing developer support already? Sony responds

1383d ago - Gamasutra: An anonymous quote from Japan's Nikkei newspaper paints a bleak picture for the future... | PS Vita

GT: PlayStation Vita - E3 2011: Lineup Video Interview

1635d ago - Lineup details delivered at E3 2011 by SVP Scott Rohde. | PS Vita

Sony: “We’re in a very good spot” with Move, 3D

1981d ago - VG247 writes: Sony Worldwide Studios VP Scott Rohde has said that with 3D gaming and Move coming... | PS3
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