Sony: “we’re still supporting motion gaming”

News: Sony’s senior VP Scott Rohde explains why the company is pushing motion gaming despite criticism from the core fans.

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TBM2322d ago

they are and even though Wonderbook isnt for me, i KNOW kids will eats this up big time. we may have this boring during the presser, but i think it was a very smart move on their part.

i know i dont have nothing to worry about from Sony they are still giving the core games that i want while trying to still cater to the families with kids.

wonderbook has great potential, and sony will still support motion gaming.

you know what's funny people here are complaining they are using up resources that can go to more core games on PS3 and Vita, but for what i saw at the presser they are still doing that while supporting motion gaming.

TLG19912322d ago

i know people complain about sony wasting time and money on these family things like wonderbook, but complain that they are making to many exclusive quality games and they dont have enough money to buy them all lol.

you either complain about one or the other and one shouldn't matter to the other because its not affecting it. good old sony

TBM2322d ago


exactly that fact that Sony is supporting motion gaming while still releasing core games shows no resources are being wasted.

i saw an article the other day showcasing the games coming to vita and most were 1st party, they even stressed at the presser the core gamer is still their number priority.

gamers this gen seem to have this entitlement complex and they need to let that go.

dgonza402322d ago

All I can think of is portal in motion.

Patching up portal and new add on content for move.

MacDonagh2322d ago

If your fans aren't supporting it; is it a good idea to back a dead horse?

BitbyDeath2321d ago

10million+ units is failing now?

MacDonagh2321d ago

Compared to the Wii's success? Yeah it is. Even their gimmicky as hell Wii Balance Board has sold over 42 million worldwide.

Kran2322d ago

Yes, because they did a great job showing off Wonderbook.


Don't mean to diss Sony there, but come on. Any Sony fan hated that demo.

TLG19912322d ago

i liked the demo and im the biggest sony fan going. i just dont think it fits with sony unless they can get serious support and even then people arnt going to folk out for a ps3, wonderbook, move then each book just to read a book you can pick up for £10-15

sikbeta2322d ago


By showing wonderbook they are supporting move, that's the point

I don't care about it, it almost killed the conference for me by being so boring

IF Sony wants to keep supporting motion-controls, they need to find a way to integrate it with their next default controller, because it's clear that people will take their DS3 over Move any day of the week, by making an hybrind kind of joystick, they can support it and be successful, the wii-controller was successful by being the default controller, not another one you had to buy separately

Kran2322d ago


If you're gonna support move, support it with something that's intriguing and worth playing.

dangert122322d ago

Ps3 only owner, 21 and i think it has potential

Canas20102322d ago

It's not always about rated M games. You also have to have kids games too and my kids will eat this up just like they ate up both eyepet games. Jeez, you guys need to relax sometimes. I think it looked pretty interesting, but of course I MUST be a casual gamer right?

TopDudeMan2322d ago

Well that's great, sony, but the gamers aren't supporting it.

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The story is too old to be commented.