PlayStation Software Product Dev Boss “Very Excited” About Upcoming Sony Santa Monica Project

PlayStation Software Product Dev Head Scott Rohde is “Very Excited” About Upcoming Sony Santa Monica Project

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insertcoin1588d ago

It's not an open-world God of War, is it?

GarrusVakarian1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Omg, that would be amazing.

I can just imagine it now.....Kratos going from town to town, tearing the head off of each and every NPC just for the heck of it. Lmao. Like some drug-crazed, violence-turned-up-to-11 version of Skyrim.

XiNarutoUzumaki1588d ago

My guess is that the next game is a spiritual successor. Cody Barlog is making it, so I'm confident it will be a game about another epic mythology

MasterCornholio1587d ago

Ooo imagine an open world GOW game based in Egypt. That would be so cool.

XiSasukeUchiha1587d ago

Awesome is right!

Just like what I thought, can you read mind?

Destrania1587d ago

I'm so stoked to see SSM's new game. I know it'll be epic as f*ck!

kevinsheeks1587d ago

Lol can you imagine the guards see kratos from a mile away in you hear alerts and see gates going up a whole army comes out to slow you O.o

then once you get into the city citizens run screaming fire breaks out from random stuff getting knocked over O.ooooooooo


Love me some hack and slash, but I really hope it's not God Of War again... GOW:A proved GOW3 was enough for me. I'd say they could give it time, work on something else, and come back to GOW (or something like it) later in this gen. Also, wouldn't mind they helming Heavenly Sword if that ever makes a come back.

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KendrickLamar1588d ago

The real question is, when are they going to unveil it?

1) Gamescom (most likely not, it's a vita-focused show)
2) TGS (Japanese game show, most likely TLG than this)
3) GDC (Focused on developers, not consumers, so no)
4) E3 2015 (In my opinion, yes. In addition they will most likely show uncharted 4 gameplay at the end of the show to wow the crowd, they've done this with previous naughty dog games).

Dolf0451588d ago

Where did you hear Gamescom was vita focused? With the change of tack Sony's had with their marketing I'm surprised they would be focusing on vita

98xpresent1587d ago

How was the other gow's unveiled ?

MrSec841587d ago

Gamescom's actually more gamer centric than E3, it's most definitely not Vita focused.
This will likely be where Media Molecule & Guerrilla Games unveil their new IPs for PS4.
Maybe even Sony London, as they're working on something that sounds a lot like The Getaway.

I would agree about TGS, IMO Polyphony Digital will probably announce their next GT game for PS4 & Team ICO may unveil The Last Guardian & perhaps show official gameplay, with direct feed footage of Bloodborne, considering the game's being heavily rumored to have a release date set between January & March next year.

GDC is actually a very good prospect, at least one past God Of War game was unveiled there, considering that Sony Santa Monica are among the most talented developers Sony has they could very well unveil the game & talk about the technology behind it.

E3 2015 is obviously a possibility, though it's actually an event more focused towards share holders, with far more going on behind closed doors.

It's actually a misconception to think of E3 as the gamers conference, it's more of a show with broader focus on a variety of things besides just gaming.

Besides those events there are places like VGX.
TBH announcing something big, even using any random event could be where Sony unveils their next big game.

SuperBlur1587d ago

spike tv vga's award man ! isnt that where bethesda unveiled Skyrim ? :)

KendrickLamar1587d ago

@dol045 two years ago back at Sony's 2012 gamescom they said they would start to focus on the vita for the show. Now I may be wrong, but this is what I remember hearing.

dodgemoose1587d ago

Gamescom isn't really vita-focused. If it's focused towards anything, it's Sony's European studios. We'll probably get to see what Guerrilla Cambridge are working on, Media Molecule, GG's new IP, and so on.

nucky641587d ago

maybe the video game award show in December?

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emad-E-three1588d ago

It will be THE WORST idea in the whole gaming industry like as well replacing Kratos or even going reboot!!
No Just NO!

GarrusVakarian1588d ago

Gotta keep things fresh man, that sometimes means taking risks.

emad-E-three1587d ago

@Lukas I know man and you right but hey this is god of war we are talking about not a shooter I mean Uncharted is more qualified to be an open warld not GOW.
The game is not suffering and its a great game the way it is so in my opinion as I said it will be the worst idea!

Im perfectly fine with the disagrees but hey its my opinion and won't change ;)

BlackTar1871587d ago

I hope we're done with kratos.

I love him to death played and beat every game he has been in and love them to this day. That said i'm in need of a new Anti-Hero.

Like above i need a Egypt god game or Norse. Kratos has served his purpose above and beyond and now it's time for a rest.

0P-Tigrex1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Wanna know what would be cool? The game could span out.. Other Gods take wind of Kratos and his ability to slay them. The Egyptian and Nordic Gods team up to stop Kratos, for they fear the meaning of his existence alone is to kill them. I think it would be Epic.
Sidenote: At the end of GOW3, Kratos does something to himself that wastes the "power of pandora". Athena goes on about "they will not be pleased with this.

I wold love to know who 'they" are so i can go kill them. ^.^

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AgentSmithPS41587d ago

Taking so long because they're including VR support in their game(s) to help sell the Morpheus early next year?

Sharius1587d ago

unlease the Kratos, you said?

that going to be f***ing epic

wsoutlaw871587d ago

lol kratos in an open world would turn in to an empty world real fast. I love gow and would also like to see something new so whatever it is im sure it will be good.

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knifefight1588d ago

Weren't they the guys behind The Unfinished Swan? I loved that.

ziggurcat1588d ago

they published the game, but they weren't the developers.

acharlez1588d ago


Guess what? I am too!

ziggurcat1588d ago

i can't wait to see what these guys are going to do on PS4.

XiNarutoUzumaki1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Santa Monica has lost a lot of momentum.

First, God of War Ascencion underwhelming reception.

Second, The Massive Layoffs.
And last, Stig's cancelled game.

I'm actually a bit worried about them. They are my favorite Sony devs too. I hope that whatever they are doing helps them to make a huge comeback

BitbyDeath1587d ago

That was just one team, they had like 5.

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