Sony Talks Microtransactions in $60 Games, 1080p Debate

PlayStation boss Scott Rohde says decisions about microtransactions are made on a case-by-case basis; 1080p is "what [gamers] want."

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XiNarutoUzumaki2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

1080p 30FPS (and 60FPS for games that require more precision and more quick response) should be the standard this gen.

F*** Microtransactions

2215d ago
Dynasty20212215d ago


1080p 60 FPS should be the standard this gen. There is literally no excuse.

"60 FPS ruins the game's aesthetic" is quite possibly the dumbest argument ever made. It's code for "We couldn't get 60 FPS out of the PS4."

There is absolutely no reason for a game to be 30 FPS, other than rubbish hardware.

I don't give a flying ***k what console fans say, 30 FPS is unacceptable, 60 or bust.

"We don't care, 30 FPS is fine. I prefer it. OMFGNOWAIT UNCHARTED 4 IS 60 FPS AMAZING!!!!"

God I hate console owners. So bloody hypocritical, it's bloody pathetic.

XiNarutoUzumaki2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

YOu are not a game developer, so shut the hell up!

What do you know about framerates? That's the devs' decision. not yours, not ours!

MARKSMAN71362215d ago

Lmao butthurt cream for this one please!

brish2214d ago

"What do you know about framerates? That's the devs' decision. not yours, not ours!"
- XiNarutoUzumaki

It's the developers decision what to build but it's a gamers decision what they buy. Gamers can use any criteria they want to decide what they are going to purchase.

andron2215d ago

Fair enough, just announce it in advance so I don't have to buy the game to find out about it...

MasterCornholio2215d ago

1080P is what I expect from next gen consoles but the odd game at 900P I can tolerate.

jnemesh2215d ago

No reason to tolerate shoddy programing and game design. It should be EASY to hit 1080p/30fps on any game on the PS4, unless you don't have a good programming team or are using a bad game engine!

2215d ago
XxDefiance42xX2215d ago

These engines that devs are currently using (games that are coming out within the year or next, so technically they're phasing them out) can only do so much. Plus, these new consoles have differing architecture from their predecessors, meaning that these engines that were specialized to work efficiently for x360 and ps3 architecture and not x1 and ps4 hardware. It's just a matter of time before devs get the hang of the new architecture and new engines and 1080p 60fps will be completely normal.

At least that's what I think. Let me know if I'm wrong.

Mikethejew2214d ago

You are a retard, developers have to deal with the hardware. Just because you think your little 400 mid range pc that you call a ps4 can handle 60 fps at 1080p for all games doesnt mean the actual hardware can. If you want that buy a fucking pc with a expensive graphics card.

Spotie2214d ago

@XB: Frankly, given your comment history, you've ZERO room to talk about fanboys.

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jnemesh2215d ago

I don't have any problem with microtransactions that don't affect gameplay. Buy all of the skins and hats that you want! But when they have GAME BREAKING DLC, like some weapons on COD, or the real cash for game cash in GTA, I have a BIG problem with it! That goes for "Free to Play" games as well as the $60 "AAA" games. Figure out how to make money in a way that doesn't give big spenders a game changing advantage, or I won't buy the game!

MonstaTruk2215d ago

I agreed with you all the way up until you lumped "Free-To-Play" with that. I'll pay for upgrades/extra weapons/better outfits/add-ons when I didn't pay ANYTHING, initially. Other than that, I'm not with it...

Gamer6662215d ago

Microtransactions are lousy. Tell me what the total price to play the entire game will be and I tell you whether I will pay it...

As for resolution... It matters to me that the difference is not 480p to 1080p... But 1080p and 900p is not something I care about at all. I'm sure some fans will disagree but really it is like comparing a Ford Fiesta to a Lamborghini vs comparing a Ferrari to a Lamborghini... Fiesta fans would get crushed by the features and raw power of the Lamborghini... Comparing Lamborghinis to Ferraris is more about trade-offs and personal tastes.

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