Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection: Sony’s Scott Rohde “Super-Teases” Lots More to Be Revealed

You’ve seen and heard quite a bit about Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, but apparently, there’s a lot more about it that you still don’t know and that will be announced in the "very near future," as SCEA Worldwide Studios Senior Vice President of Product Development Scott Rohde revealed.

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isarai2807d ago

I use to use that line a lot, then the movie came out and i don't say it anymore cause people are always like "you took that from Django" :/

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2807d ago

What else could they add? A karting mode? Will it have more cutscenes? More gameplay segments? New weapons? Are they gonna add the helicopter sequence they took out of uc3?

spacedelete2807d ago

unless they add back multiplayer or a remaster of Golden Abyss i'm not interested. if they do add it i'll get this instead of Fallout 4.

TwoForce2807d ago

@spacedelete if they add multiplayer back, then they have to delay. Even that uncharted 4 might have already come out. Are you nuts ?

jb2272806d ago

What is this helicopter sequence you speak of? I hadn't heard anything about stuff that was cut from uc3. I'd absolutely love any kind of addition they had for any of the 3 games, or a playable sp demo (even if its just the psx or e3 demos), or an unlockable trailer for UC4 that shows new locations & story teases. It would be cool to have whatever it may be as an unlock after defeating all 3 campaigns, and let it be a race for fans to run through the titles. May be even cooler if there was a single new secret hidden treasure somewhere w/in the 3 games that would allow access to something cool. It'd be great to have some kind of meta- game like that to correlate w/ Drake's treasure hunting, making the players do some hunting of their own.

showtimefolks2806d ago

Whatever it is, I can't wait to play. Part of my hopes that we also get the ps vita uncharted game in this remaster. But I am buying either way

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Relientk772807d ago

I wanna see awesome stuff for Nathan Drake

NukaCola2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

My Donut Drake body is ready..

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2807d ago

Ariana would so not like this guy :P

Kornholic2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

In this day and age, feminists would jump at the chance to blame Naughty Dog for fat shaming (or some other stupid and meaningless buzzword they have created) for creating and releasing Doughnut Drake.

Oh wait, Drake isn't a woman. Scratch that.

mafiahajeri2807d ago

That guy was so easy to kill in MP

-Foxtrot2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

They've got to have something which is going to make more old fans who have played them pick it up once again. I mean I can't see a huge number of gamers who've played the games before buy this day 1. They need something to give some of us that nudge because at the minute only the beta for U4 interests some people and even then it's only a beta so it's not going to be around for long.

Obviously the collection is mainly aimed that those who havent played any of the Uncharted games but I don't see why they would miss a chance to have something to bring old fans in aswell. More sales = More Money

SoapShoes2807d ago

I have all three games and I plan on buying this. I want it for the better graphics and they're some of my favorite games of all time. I played Uncharted 2 five times and Uncharted 3 four times. They're that fun and it's been awhile since I've gone through them so what better way than this collection?

Letthewookiewin2807d ago

I already pre ordered it on PSN. Played through them each a couple times and can't wait to play through them all again upgraded.

JWiLL5522807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Yep. Played the UC2 campaign more times than any other single player campaign.

Still Day 1 for me (it's been a few years since I've played any of them).

Plus, it's more money towards my favorite developer. I love supporting ND.

-Foxtrot2807d ago

Which is why I kept saying "some" in my comment.

Yet despite this you and everone else had to make the point you are getting it like I said "everyone"

Good grief


TheUndertaker852806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

@-Foxtrot: Then "some" isn't actually a good answer is it. I don't even own a PS4 right now but if I did I'd replay the collection. The games are truly amazing. Not to mention I'd want to replay the series in order before Uncharted 4 so if all options are available on PS4, being smoother and upgraded, why wouldn't one want that option if they can take it?

The Uncharted 4 beta is a nice bonus as well. No denying. Beta or not I'd want a taste of what is to come.

Admitting though I was one of the minority picking up my Uncharted 3 CE at midnight launch to get home and enjoy its 3D glory. Game sucked me in and I never stopped playing in 3D.

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fallacious2807d ago

I've played and platinumed uncharted 2 and 3 and will definitely get this day 1.

robtion2807d ago

You are right. I have played them all extensively but will pick them up again if they can sweeten the deal.

morganfell2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Platinumed all the games and I will pick this up again. For me, it is pure gaming. Fun, yet tense and nail biting. It is just all of those things I find missing in so many other titles. It is what I think of when I want to express how much fun gaming can be.

There are some titles that offer horror, or some grand reveal, and are good in their own right. But the Uncharted experience is for me the most undistilled form of what I like best in gaming. No preachy morals, no mindless muscle heads, just undiluted entertainment.

Younger people will not realize this but when Bruce Willis was announced as a new action hero in a movie called Die Hard, a lot of people including the press were saying, "Really? No, that doesn't work." And yet it did and better than other certain films out at the time...Ahnuld. Uncharted has a lot in common with that first movie. The later films, while good, not so much.

Bathyj2807d ago

I remember pre-Diehard, and I remember everyone saying, Really? That guy from Moonlighting? In an action movie?

Movie came out and was my favourite movie ever. Its hard to imagine people doubted it at one point.

ginsunuva2807d ago

Back when UC came out everyone said:

"This game focuses so much on the cinematic experience that it forgets what games are: it fails to be an innovative game and has the most linear gameplay of all time."

And now the new young generation looks back and says today's games are missing those qualities.
Tomorrow there will be kids saying:

"Battlefield 15 lacks what made CoD Advanced Warfare so great back in the day."

rainslacker2807d ago

Wow...I remember Moonlighting. Watching it as a kid because my Mom liked the show. That and Remington Steele with Pierce Bronson.

Also remember thinking how that guy from Moonlighting would make a good action star....although don't remember reading any criticism.

morganfell2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

As I said, you had to be old enough. Willis had two Emmys for comedy. Ten years from now, ask the younger crowd if they remember Daniel Craig and the Bond controversy.

Willis wasn't even in the top 5 on the list. Then again, since he wasn't the first person to play the character (whose original name was Joe Leland rather than John McClane) they were contractually bound to offer it to the original actor from the original Leland film who stated, "I am too old and too rich to act in films."

Though the Commando 2 connection to Die Hard is actually not true, they did go through a lot of actors before making it to Willis, the comedian most never thought would work in the role.

rainslacker2806d ago

Ultimately I'm glad he got it. He is one of my favorite actors and usually good in the roles he gets. A very versatile actor who most people still think of as more an action star.

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Bathyj2807d ago

I have all 3 but I deliberately DIDNT play them again when UC4 was announced because I wanted a remaster.

I think UC:Collections sales will be a good mix of both new AND old players.

Maddens Raiders2807d ago


Just like God of War and any other great title that begs to be played again - especially with a new coat of paint and performance upgrades to boot.

MysticStrummer2807d ago

"I mean I can't see a huge number of gamers who've played the games before buy this day 1."

If I was to predict that based on the people I know personally, 100% of those who played them before will buy this on day one or soon after. Of course it's not usually a good idea to make predictions with such a limited sample, but it won't surprise me at all if this collection sells extremely well out of the gate.

spacedelete2807d ago

this is an AAA game without multiplayer. casuals are obsessed with multiplayer and won't buy it unless it has multiplayer. this game will only sell to the hardcore Naughty "Gods" fanboys.

spacedelete2807d ago

same. without multiplayer the Uncharted games are glorified setpiece after setpiece. i need multiplayer if not i'll buy this when its in the used bargain bins and they won't get my money.

FoxyGotGame2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

You know, I've noticed a lot of your posts and I just wanted you to know how much I admire your positive outlook on everything. Gee Wiz, how can I be like you /s

Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection ....Day 1

2807d ago
jb2272806d ago

I think the confusion arises from the fact that Uncharted is a predominantly campaign focused experience. That much is inarguable. There are plenty that loved the mp portion but replayability doesn't solely derive from playing the same matches ad nauseum, most sp gamers enjoy replaying their favorite games in order to relive experiences & pick up on new subtle nuances they might've missed in their first or thirty first playthrough. I'm an old fan, and obviously the others who commented are old fans as well, and they are all just happy to reexperience one of the most amazing franchises of last gen w/ a fresh coat of paint in 60 fps. That may not be an enticing proposition for yourself but it is a bit backwards to think that the lack of mp for what is by all accounts an sp focused series is somehow a dealbreaker for most gamers. If they are adding something they haven't mentioned, I'd personally prefer it not being mp focused because that's not my bag. I would go in for new treasures or skins, or best case scenario an sp demo for UC4 or a brand new trailer for that title, or the campaign for Golden Abyss. I'm all for gamers playing the kinds of games they want to play but if some form of multiplayer is the only thing that will get you to buy the title, maybe you shouldn't worry about it & instead go for the truckload of mp titles that will be releasing or have been released in the past year. True quality single player experiences that merit replays are a helluva lot fewer & further between than mp titles in this day & age anyway.

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isarai2807d ago

Hmm, what more could they possibly be adding to it without messing up the experience? Really interested now

PeaSFor2807d ago

some kind of "best of" version of uncharted multiplayer mode with all the best maps would be cool.

Summons752807d ago

That'd be cool but I doubt it. Though a marathon mode where you can play the stories back to front without stopping like the Master Chief Collection would be cool.

KUV19772807d ago

Maybe the E3-Demo for U4. Would be awesome, no? Or, my personal favorite: all three games with a solid 30fps 3D-Mode.

Sevir2807d ago

They could do 3D 1080p and 60fps... Uncharted 3 ran at sub 720p 30fps 3D. Given that the PS4 is 10-12 time more powerful it should be able to handle all the upgrades Bluepoint is doing plus 3D processing with out dropping to Sub 720p for dual rendering image.

Nick_The_Slick2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Ugh...except the PS4 is NOT 10-12 times more powerful than the ps3...and since only indie games and remakes run in 1080/60 as is, the chances of 1080/60 3d on a title like this is 0.

Sevir2807d ago

Pretty sure, Mark Confirmed the performance as 10x the PS3... And I'm pretty sure, there were more 1080p 60fps AAAs on PS4

KUV19772807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

If they could do 1080p 3D @ 60, that would mean they can render the game as is in 1080p with 120 frames per second... (that is how I meant it - obviously 3D should be able to render just as many frames as 2D as they only need to shift the camera every other frame - so 60frames on the whole translates to 30 per eye) I doubt that the collection we get will have really stable 60fps. I too believe it will be possible but The Last of Us Remaster was not stable. Pretty good but not stable. I just don't think they spend the ressources needed for optimization on a remaster. I also don't believe they will have the collection run at only 50% of PS4s resources. 30fps 3D or 60 in 720p with added antialias would be fine for me.

ABizzel12807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )


GPU wise, PS4 is about 8x - 10x more powerful than PS3 thanks to the the GRAM bumping up the APU (9x is the average we'll use). It's CPU is basically on par with the PS3's a tad weaker, but spreads code over 6 cores currently (8 core, but 6 for games I believe).

It takes just over 2x power to double resolution and keep the same framerate (we'll say 2.5x for simplicity). It takes another 2.5x (again simplicity) to double framerate. That means they need another 2.5x power for 3D which they would have, but they enhanced the graphics (textures, lighting, etc...) which means adding 3D would be a huge squeeze.

That being said it's possible, but I just don't see the point as most people gave up on 3D with the PS3. What is very possible is VR support, seeing how Insomniac has a VR 3rd person game in the makes for Oculus. Although I don't see the point when Morpheus isn't coming until 2016.

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jetlian2807d ago

If 3d was in on all titles I would get it day one. As of right now im not getting it. They should have had the mp in it.

At least with all the dlc I didnt get last time would be enough for me to get it.

I only buy remasters if they add content I never had.

zpoc2807d ago

That would be awesome, but Sony doesn't care about 3D anymore.