PlayStation 4 Is A Hit, But What About PlayStation 5?

PlayStation Development Head discusses the next, next console. When MTV News caught up with PlayStation Software Product Development Head Scott Rohde at the launch event for the PS4, he was already mulling plans. And though we nudged and prompted him just a bit, there is one classic PS1 game he'd like to bring back for the new generation, if he had his druthers.

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MrBlanco2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

oh seriously NO! are we just start talking about PS5 and the PS4 hasn't completed its first year yet lol

colonel1792389d ago

forget first year! It has only completed its first MONTH!

This is pathetic

XtraTrstrL2389d ago

I don't see what's hard to get about this. It's how they always do it, they start planning and looking into the next system within a year or 2 after the release of a system. He didn't say they were already working on anything, but ofcourse there's ideas that start swarming from early on. There might not even be another physical system after this gen.

PeaSFor2389d ago

screw that, im looking foward the PS6, way better.

Tru_Blu2389d ago

Xtra unless Google or some other companies manage to wire up most of the planet with fiber in the next 6 years consels are going nowhere. Even with fiber wouldn't be as good as a machine in your room.

minimur122389d ago

PS5 isn't the first thing I'd think about for a while, thats 10 years away and I'll be 28 (woah)

BALLBAGS2389d ago

ps3 is still killing it, let alone talks of ps5...

SolidStoner2389d ago

for some people PS2 is still killing it!

Death2389d ago

Xtra is pretty close.

The core development teams for both consoles have a list of features/functions that didn't make it to the new consoles. Development of the next gen has already started before the systems launched. Nothing is set in stone and the early phase of development takes a relatively long time since it isn't a priority yet.

SilentNegotiator2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

It's been a while since I've reported an article as "lame", but this seems to fit the bill.

What's next? An article about PS6, Xbox 4, and Super Wii U?

solidt122389d ago

Technically it is not even done with full launch yet. It is not out in Japan yet. Can we at least wait until it is finished launching all over the world before we start with the PS5 articles.

sinjonezp2389d ago

Truth be told,.Sony could.follow.the model of tablets and phones now. All they would.need to update the apu with something new that has a newer graphics.chip and.cpu. the current games can run on the hardware and.any game.made can be ran on both systems. While we know.for.a fact they would not do such a thing, it is still in.the realm of plausibility. When i look at the adreno 320 in my phone, and the phone my wife.has is a g2 with the adreno330, they both run all the same software and games. Her phone just have more fps. With thr basic model sony is following, theh could.very well update the PlayStation annually. Once again, I wouldnt bet on it, its just, plausible.

HelpfulGamer2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Gaikai could be the Next-Gen "Playstation 5".

ABizzel12389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Starting holiday next year you can build a PC version of the PS5 if you're willing to spend THOUSANDS, no joke.

The PS4 is great, but considering we're finally getting a new technology BOOM in PC gaming in the next 1 - 3 years it means the current consoles will be severely outclassed, but also the PS5 is going to be a beast, pumping out 4k @ 60fps if my theory specs. are right (which I'm sure they're in the same ballpark)

thorstein2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

No it isn't. What bout Playstation 6? Or Xbox One 2?

DrJones2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Nothing wrong in thinking about it if we want to.

Giul_Xainx2389d ago

Am I the only one that wants a PlayStation 9 already?

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showtimefolks2389d ago

oh come on seriously people are having trouble finding ps4's and we talking about ps5

Thunderhawkxbox2389d ago

Do u really think demand for ps4 is high no it's not Sony playing their games really good making their supply for each country smaller to make it looks like demand for ps4 is high

Leogamer2389d ago

I honestly held out in buying a ps4 for the first time in the begining of the generation. I looked at the grafixs of the games and it wasn't a big jump, at least to me. I'm going to clamp down and continue gaming on my PS3. The incredible incentive of continueing is the online is still free. I still got tons of games to play, like The Last of Us, Dead Space 3, Metro, etc.

scott1822389d ago


That's why when they take data from the number of units in stock on amazon for each, the ps4's sell out in hours and comparable stock from x1 sells out in who knows how many days. Because the demand is not high...

joab7772389d ago

Even they know its impossible b/c no one has any idea where we will b in 5-7 yrs. I always wondered though, since they chose not to make the hardware upgradeable this time, is it possible to release a ps 4.5, call is ps4s like an iphone. A few tweaks and upgrades and release it in 3 yrs next to the slim for $400. It would simplh extend the life and there would b a min/max for settings.

Prime1572389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

I just couldn't click through... mtv? Ps5? That's like ign talking about the super bowl or world cup.

DeadlyFire2389d ago

I will come back in 2019 to read this. If I remember it.

James-GAMES2389d ago

Yeah I agree it's so stupid to talk about the PS5 already give the PS4 a few years jeez!

JackISbacK2389d ago

yeah there is no reason to talk about it buy ,i realy dont will there be any ps5 or not or there will be PSP2
which will be ten times powerful than ps4 like there is difference between ps4 and ps3 ,the reason is every body or evry journalist is saying that these are the last home consoels ,yeah hard core gaming is not not be replaced buy mobile gaming but i belive your devices will be able to play as both portable and also be able to connected to tv which will give us may be 4000p ,yeah if MS is right about running games on cloud and using it for graphics processing as they will be doing next year with halo 5,this is an great idea if true ,it will reduce the need of raw materieal like high graphics card and can be replaced buy cloud which will be used in place of processors and GPU's.

Magicite2389d ago

Actually its great that Sony already thinks about PS5, that means they will be prepared and caught off guard.

ZombieKiller2389d ago

PS4 has barely been out for a month....


I need more games. Forget the PS5, this kind of stupidity deters logical concentration at the task at hand...which IS the PS4. At the rate this article is going, I should just be handing Sony my paycheck needlessly....which is why I left Microsoft in the first place.

hey guys I got an idea, let's all spend $400 on an awesome console then IGNORE IT!


Ps4Console2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

This is Crazy .

Sarcasm2389d ago

Forget the PS5, let's talk about PS6!

CarlosX3602389d ago

I was thinking, "Don't you think that's a bit too soon? PS4 just launched."

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Shad0wRunner2389d ago

That's up to Sony. Gamers dont really have to think about the future gen, for another 5-7 years down the road. Sony however, they gotta start collaborating 2-3 years from the time the new gen starts.

As for PS5...who knows? Were just NOW getting up to 1080p/60FPS standards with PS4. Maybe by the time PS5 comes out, the new norm will be 4K resolution. Hopefully 4K TV's will be affordable by then. LOL. Or...they could go full on VR and have everything revolve around a HMD (Head Mounted Display)

Personally, I long for the day when Sony makes a console that emits Holographic images. But meh...were talkin Star Trek stuff, there. LOL. Im sure if that ever'll probably be 20-30 years away.

TL:DR - It's too early to start thinking about the PS5. Even from Sony's position.

Bodge2389d ago

No way the next iteration of xbox and playstation will have 4K as the standard...

JBSleek2389d ago

There is no reason that in 2019-2020 that 4K shouldn't be on the next iteration of consoles.

KwietStorm2389d ago

By the time they're out, they could easily have full 4K support, with regular HD as well.

thehitman2389d ago

There maybe 4k support but not as a standard. First off 4k isnt even efficient in anything below 55" screens which probably most consumers dont have screens that big and if they do probably not for gaming. Then at that resolution you get insane performance drops even on the most intensive setups today like triple SLI etc 3-4k dollar setup PCs. Murphy's Law will probably make that to about 1k setup in 6-7 years but that's still out of the range of consoles marketing price of 400-500 dollars.

DeadlyFire2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

With the graphics tech available by then it should be very possible honestly, but not likely I believe in many games until the generation after next.

I think 1440, 1600, or 2k resolutions are more likely for next gen. Although I suspect 1080p 60fps will be a very solid norm for next gen games on PS5, XB4, NES7 and so on.

Baka-akaB2389d ago

1080p isnt even what one would call efficient on mobile phones and yet it quickly became the norm . Since the human eye is rarely capable of seeing individual pixels at a density above roughly 300ppi , mostly the perception created on our brain is the reason that we want those screens .

There is a perf aspect in such races , but most of all it's a matter of setting trends and fads .

If 4k take the market by storm like HDTV and 1080p phones screens did , you can bet the next consoles will display 4k in some capacity , full or not .

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Majin-vegeta2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

As long as their vision involves games being their priority.I will support them.This is why the PS4 the most popular console plus the cheaper price for the better hardware also helps.

Death2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Which manufacturer doesn't have games as their priority? Is it the one that offers free tv integration or the one working on bringing subscription tv to their consoles? Which company actually produces and distributes both tv programming and owns multiple movie studios along with an enormous amount of music?

You are seeing what you want to see Majin and ignoring what is actually happening. Sony did not include Blu-ray in the PS3 because its focus was on gaming. They did it to secure the format they invested heavily in that also brings them more profit from their movie sales. This isn't a bad thing like many like to make it out to be. It is a sound business strategy that Sony needs to survive.

The PS4 is the more popular console because Sony has a better presence globally.

OverPaperSkies2389d ago

It'll still be struggling to hit 60 fps


KwietStorm2389d ago

That would imply that it's struggling to hit 60 right now.

Jovanian 2389d ago

well considering how some of its games do not run at 60 fps, and those that do are graphically unimpressive or require significant sacrifices in other aspects in order to maintain this 60 fps, I'd say that qualifies as struggling. Not struggling would be nearly every game that released is able to churn out 60 fps without sacrificing resolution or graphical quality, but we both know this isn't the case

Maxor2389d ago

You mean it's not struggling to hit 1080p 60 fps right now? How come KZ SF single player isn't 60 fps then...and what about BF 4?

Shad0wRunner2389d ago

At PaperSkies And Swadian

The PS4 can do 60FPS just fine. Youre pre judging the PS4 based on a few launch titles, and a few more coming early next year. The PS4 is in it's infancy and devs havent even begun to scratch the surface of what it can REALLY do. Some devs have chosen to drop frame rate, in favor of full 1080p. It's hit and miss, right now. But that in NO way implies the PS4 is "struggling" with maintaining a consistent 60FPS on every game. Hardware's more than possible.

The developers just have to figure out how to balance it out. Which will take some time. Come back in a couple years, with that comment and see where devs are with their progress.

OverPaperSkies2389d ago

Funny that.

98% of multiplatform titles run at 30fps on PS4. Battlefield is an exception and even then it was downgraded to 900p to run properly.

The Witcher 3, Dragon Age, The Crew, Watch dogs ... All running at 30fps on consoles and you think it will get easier over time? Considering the demand for better, more advanced games is higher than ever and devs have to conform to a time period on limited hardware (consoles). This will more than likely be another generation of excuses for console gamers.

To get that 60fps they have to downgrade resolution, textures etc. You'll come at me with "1st party titles"...

Love at driveclub. It got delayed and it's still 30fps. Not good at all.

DeadlyFire2389d ago

Its less likely next gen as RAM will literally be baked onto GPUs in 2016 with bandwidth that is unheard of at the moment with 1TB/s.