Dev of the Day : Red Barrels
  Whistles of the Outlasting Insanity

By FogKnight  The horror genre. It’s been one of the most appreciated yet risky types of games to make and sell for the longest time. One of the...

Resident Evil 2 All Stories  

Resident Evil: Bring Back Puzzles

6d ago - Why horror games won't be scary again until puzzles are brought back in. | PC

10 Demos We'd Have Paid Money For

7d ago - Pay for a demo!? Pah! That would never happen. And if it did, we'd definitely do a little checkin... | GameCube

TAG TEAM Series: Games That Should Have Never Changed

9d ago - CCU: Let Us introduce to you the ‘TAG TEAM SERIES’, a series where multiple writers for CCU “t... | PS2

Retro Gaming Night: Resident Evil 2

34d ago - You’ve enjoyed Casually Hardcore's video of Resident Evil on the Gamecube, you’ve hopefully playe... | GameCube

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

GammaSquad’s 50 Best-Looking Games Of All Time (#50 – 41)

36d ago - E3 is coming with it's flashy new graphics and trailers, so what better time to count down the be... | Retro

Top 5 Horror Titles That Deserve a Next-Gen Makeover

46d ago - "From classic horror franchises like Resident Evil and Silent Hill to newcomers like Amnesia and... | PS2

9 video game secrets that were almost never found

74d ago - GR writes: "Remember when your family used to get together for the big Easter Egg hunt every year... | Retro

Would OG Resident Evil Fans Like RE4 Style Remakes?

75d ago - Castle Geek-Skull considers the fan reactions of older Resident Evil fans if RE4 style remakes of... | GameCube

Top Scariest Moments In Video Games

77d ago - IR": "The movie industry has a lot of crazy movies that literally make us scared to go out in the... | PC

Fan Remakes Resident Evil 2 with RE4 Mechanics

77d ago - Fan and video game designer Rod Lima has been working on a type of remake of Resident Evil 2 with... | Retro

Pixelitis Picks: Memorable uses of deus ex machina

78d ago - "Endings can be a finicky thing, especially when deus ex machina is involved. When one finishe... | GameCube

Top 15 Gaming Easter Eggs | Continue Play

81d ago - Continue Play reminisces about its 15 favorite videogame Easter Eggs | Culture

Top Most Wanted Video Game Remakes For PS4 And Xbox One

88d ago - says: "I am not sure about you but I am pretty sure that there is a pretty... | PS4

Resident Evil 2 HD Remake In Progress- Unofficially

92d ago - Carl Williams writes, "Capcom are pretty cool about keeping their titles up to date with new rele... | PC

Resident Evil 2: Dual Destinies Preview | Rely on Horror

100d ago - Rely on Horror: Resident Evil 2: Dual Destinies will soon be in the hands of gamers. We were give... | Culture

[Ghosts Of Gaming Past] A Review Of 'Resident Evil 2'

111d ago - BD writes: Resident Evil was not a total and complete surprise for the gaming public, in that it... | Retro

The Twenty Best PlayStation Network Classics: Part 2

150d ago - Ray Porreca of Entertainment Buddha writes: "Last week, Entertainment Buddha released the first p... | PS3

6 Horror Games That Deserve Next-Gen Remakes

152d ago - BD writes: "The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have been available for a few months now, gifting cons... | PS4

Top 5 Survival Horror Games

156d ago - Step into the world of survival horror with this chilling countdown. | PS2

Why was Resident Evil a success? - Capcom explains

191d ago - When you talk about survival horror games, Resident Evil can't be ignored. Capcom recently looked... | GameCube

Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

The Future of Resident Evil

192d ago - A collection of news regarding the Resident Evil Franchise and a prediction of what Resident Evil... | PC

Five Facts - Resident Evil 2

205d ago - Michael and Ray take a look at Five Facts about Resident Evil 2! | GameCube

Confessions of a scaredy-cat gamer

249d ago - Dear ex-babysitter: Describing 1996's Resident Evil as "a cool game where you play as a secret ag... | PC

Top 10 Horror Games

249d ago - Always Go Left writes: Tis the season to get sh*t scared…tralalala la la la la. As a huge horr... | PC

oprainfall’s Most Memorable Jump Scares

252d ago - oprainfall writes: "Halloween is upon us, and what better way to celebrate this spooky day the... | Culture
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