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Resident Evil 2 - HD Fan Remake With Unreal Engine - New Video Shows Full Playthrough With Claire

2d ago - YouTube’s member ‘Rod Lima’ has been working on a HD fan remake of Resident Evil 2 in Unreal Engi... | PC

XboxMAD: Top 5 games that deserve an Xbox One makeover

12d ago - XboxMAD Jez takes us through his top five games he thinks should have an Xbox One makeover. Ho... | Xbox One

Top 10 Scariest Creatures in Video Games

14d ago - Shacknews takes a look at the top 10 scariest creatures to hit the virtual world. | PC

Here Are The 20 Essential PSOne Classics To Play In Honor Of Playstation’s 20th Birthday

54d ago - Here's 20 PSOne Classics you can grab cheap and easy on your Vita of PS3 to celebrate the Playsta... | Retro

See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Eight of the Most Frustrating Unlockables in Video Games

55d ago - UM writes: "Finishing a game can sometimes elicit a twinge of remorse. You had all this fun chall... | PS2

Resident Evil 2 Reborn - Alpha Version Releases Today, Debut Trailer Released

89d ago - Resident Evil fans, get ready for a treat. The alpha version of Resident Evil 2 Reborn - a fan-ma... | PC

What Was That Video Game That Made You Say “I’m A Gamer For Life”?

90d ago - SchollA from Console ControllUs -where the console controls us writes: Anyway I digress the po... | GameCube

8 Scariest Games Ever Made

91d ago - Turn off the lights, turn up the volume, grab your teddy, and brace yourselves for the most frigh... | PS2

Top 20 PlayStation Horror Games of All Time (For This Halloween)

95d ago - PS4Home: A list of some must-play games spanning the entire PlayStation library (PS1 – PS4). It c... | PS2

18 of the N64's weirdest games to celebrate its 18th birthday

117d ago - "Nintendo 64! Gaming machine that birthed the modern Nintendo, maker of consoles with libraries b... | Retro

10 Amazing Survival Horror Games

118d ago - Middle of Nowhere Gaming kicked off horror month in celebration of Halloween with this list of te... | GameCube

Another Unofficial Resident Evil 2 Remake in the Works Using the Unreal Engine

129d ago - Carl Williams writes, "I remember the fervor that built up around the Resident Evil series, not o... | PC

5 Awesome Resident Evil Moments

140d ago - Lawrence Writes: With Resident Evil Remake: the Remake (not actual title) and Resident Evil Revel... | Culture

5 Reasons not to Remake Resident Evil 2

166d ago - Joe from Awesome Games writes: 'If you read last week’s feature, 5 Reasons to Remake Resident Evi... | PC

5 Reasons To Remake Resident Evil 2

175d ago - Joe from Awesome Games writes: 'With the news that the 2002 GameCube remake of horror classic Res... | GameCube

Capcom Working on Resident Evil 2 HD. Slated for September 2015 Release Date

176d ago - While news of a Resident Evil remastered gave us a pleasant surprise, some devoted fans have disc... | PC

Top 10 Hottest Females In Video Game History

182d ago - Xrayz show us a top 10 hottest females list in the video game history. This is a list comprised o... | Culture

Will The Evil Within Bring Back Classic Horror?

190d ago - I know there are more horror games coming are way but One was once king, Resident Evil. Since the... | Xbox 360

Countdown - Top 10 Scariest Video Game Monsters

198d ago - Geoff, Michael, and Ray go over the top ten scariest video game monsters. | Culture

Resident Evil: Bring Back Puzzles

208d ago - Why horror games won't be scary again until puzzles are brought back in. | PC

LittleBigPlanet 3 (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out the latest adventure of Sackboy and his friends. | Promoted post

10 Demos We'd Have Paid Money For

208d ago - Pay for a demo!? Pah! That would never happen. And if it did, we'd definitely do a little checkin... | GameCube

TAG TEAM Series: Games That Should Have Never Changed

210d ago - CCU: Let Us introduce to you the ‘TAG TEAM SERIES’, a series where multiple writers for CCU “t... | PS2

Retro Gaming Night: Resident Evil 2

236d ago - You’ve enjoyed Casually Hardcore's video of Resident Evil on the Gamecube, you’ve hopefully playe... | GameCube

GammaSquad’s 50 Best-Looking Games Of All Time (#50 – 41)

238d ago - E3 is coming with it's flashy new graphics and trailers, so what better time to count down the be... | Retro

Top 5 Horror Titles That Deserve a Next-Gen Makeover

248d ago - "From classic horror franchises like Resident Evil and Silent Hill to newcomers like Amnesia and... | PS2
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