Capcom Shares Horrifying New Details On Resident Evil 2's First DLC

Capcom has opened up on what they have planned for the upcoming Resident Evil 2 DLC, titled The Ghost Survivors, and it sounds pretty terrifying.

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strayanalog33d ago

"You once again entered the world of survival horror. Good luck!"

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Master of Unlocking33d ago

Don't waste time with some DLC for RE2 remake, Capcom, start remaking RE3 already.

Potnoodle99932d ago

Because that wastes time. We don’t live in a perfect world. If they devote all their time and resources to RE3 we will get it sooner. Kind of like how Squenix have wasted time and resources on ffxv after release and so we have seen nothing more of ffvii remake.
Would love both but can’t have both!

Profchaos32d ago

They have multiple studios it's not like all their resources are working on the same thing

Potnoodle99931d ago

How many different studios do you honestly think are working on resi games?? They will have one working on new resi, one on resi 3 remake. Very much doubt there is another separately doing resi 2 dlc.
To be honest it’s difficult to say specifics so it’s pointless speculating. I may be wrong. I’m simply asking the devs to not waste ANY time in getting resi 3 out. So if dlc will delay, then simply don’t do it please, I’ve already tried the dlc the released and yes it’s free (wooptydoo) it’s shit and felt like I wasted my time. I’d rather pay £15 for quality content than waste my time

AK9133d ago

Can't believe this is free.

HeisenbergX32d ago

Yeah it's baffling and you know why ? cause they made us pay for the OG soundtrack which was 3 bucks and this is free lol i still don't understand whyyyyy LOL why did we have to pay for the soundtrack CAPCOM.

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