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The series that never was: 'Maverick Hunter X'

262d ago - Jason Clement of G4@Syfygames examines the 'Mega Man X' remake for PlayStation Portable, and the... | PSP

Top 10 Retro Remakes for PSP

299d ago - From Vampires to Mavericks to Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde. Sony's PSP had a vast library of tit... | PSP

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X Coverage by the PS Vita Review Network

770d ago - The PS Vita Review Network has collected their thoughts on the PSP remake of Mega Man X. "All... | PSP

Fate Cast Episode 14: PC vs. Console Throwdown

839d ago - Game Crew welcomes guest star Jason Lamb of to an epic debate. Which platform is... | PS2

TRGCarl's Top 10 Favorite Games of This Generation

1004d ago - Looking back at the games this generation and picking out what I consider to be my favorites of a... | PSP

PlayStation Plus Update: Vanquish Joins Instant Game Collection

1091d ago - Morgan Haro // Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms writes: We’ve got a monster u... | PSP

Top 5 Video Game Remakes

1105d ago - Over the years, the gaming industry has seen many remakes, reboots, ports, etc. While most are ba... | GameCube

Sigma On Parade

1109d ago - Every hero has his or her arch-nemesis to battle again and again in a series of ultimate showdown... | PS2

ROCKMAN HOLIC promo has a kickass X vs. Zero battle

1203d ago - This new promotional trailer features the track "X-Buster," which predominantly sources the "X vs... | Culture

Don't Count On a New Mega Man Game for its 25th Anniversary

1246d ago - Rockman Corner reader Joshua sent over this interesting 25th anniversary comment from Capcom's co... | Wii

Top 5 must have PSP action games for the PS Vita

1252d ago - Now there are plenty of great PSP games to load onto your Vita but there are only a few that trul... | PSP

Pixelitis Picks: The greatest mini-bosses

1327d ago - Mini-bosses are often described as mid-bosses or sub-bosses. They serve as a small challenge befo... | Culture

Review: Mega Man Maverick Hunter X | Digitally Downloaded

1396d ago - Clark from Digitally Downloaded writes: "Mega Man Maverick Hunter X makes many “remakes” of today... | PSP

SBG | The best PSP games to play on your Vita

1428d ago - SBG: "The Vita’s an exciting piece of tech, but any launch system has holes in its launch lineup.... | PSP

The Reviewcast-Ultimate Battling the Backlog Ep. 1- The Setup

1483d ago - A Dapperman and kqbn (Kira) give MixedUpzombies a quest of games he needs to finish by the end of... | PS2

Mega Man Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X double pack coming in September

1646d ago - Well it looks like Psp owners who don’t own both Mega Man games that were released on the platfor... | PSP

Love for this 'Mega Man X Official Complete Works' art book runs deep.

1766d ago - A look at one of the sweet pieces of merch picked up at PAX East 2011. Rarely seen art, commentar... | Retro

Can't Make it to E3? Welcome to MAGFest: Where Games and Music Collide!

1847d ago - Where else can you experience four days of non-stop games and concerts, with Duke Nukem singing t... | Arcade

Maverick Hunter X / Mega Man Powered Up Promo Album Announced For Japan

2368d ago - While Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X and Mega Man: Powered Up are old news on the PSP, Capcom is giv... | 4
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