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SBG | The best PSP games to play on your Vita

SBG: "The Vita’s an exciting piece of tech, but any launch system has holes in its launch lineup. Here are six suggestions for which downloadable PSP titles to enjoy, especially if you didn’t have that system and just now have the chance to play them." (Half-Minute Hero, Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X, Patapon 2, Persona 3 Portable, PS Vita, PSP, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky)

Pokemon_Master  +   866d ago
Not a bad article but the hey day of jrpgs is right now. Theres been 6+ legend of heroes games this gen. All as good as trails in the sky
PersonaCat  +   866d ago
Square, add KH:BBS to the store and take my damn money!
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b-real  +   866d ago
I think I remember it being Disney (not square) that is responsible for KH's absence. Apparently they don't allow games with their IP to be available digitally :(

As a sucker who purchased a PSP GO, this is a wound that has never stopped stinging and also a reason I will be waiting sometime to purchase a Vita i.e. when its a successful console with a vast library of games.
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PersonaCat  +   866d ago
I've heard that too, and I would believe it. They don't have Crisis Core on the store either though so I dont know. I'll tell you right now you won't be disappointed in purchasing in a Vita. It's a damn good handheld.
Kurisu  +   866d ago
I'm wondering whether to download the first Persona. I've never tried any of them before, so if I play and complete that then I may purchase the 2 / 3 bundle.
b-real  +   866d ago
Don't bother -jump straight to 3. I like old school RPG's and all, but I could really get into Persona 1. 3 is where the series starts to become awesome.
PersonaCat  +   866d ago
All of the Persona games are good so it doesn't matter where you start. I'll say that P3 is alot like FF7 for the series in which it's the first one that people played so they believe it's the best. Some say P2/P4 is the best. Another similarity to FF is that the sequels have nothing to do with the prequels so you can start with any game. Either way, you wont go wrong with the series.
Hicken  +   866d ago
Well, there are SOME relations, but they're separate enough that you can play them without missing anything.

Though I only have P3P, FES, and P4, I'll definitely get my hands on 1 and 2 in good time.
Kurisu  +   865d ago
Thanks everyone for the advice :) think I will still get 1 downloaded first as its the cheapest, and that will give me a taster.
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cpayne93  +   866d ago
This list is kind of unbalanced, and I wouldn't call those the BEST psp games. Needs some god of war, syphon filter, metal gear solid, and monster hunter. Articles like this one should be mostly mentioning psp games that are enhanced on Vita from the second analog stick.
FragGen  +   865d ago
Agreed. Too much JRPG stuff for my taste. Coded arms is a beast with the 2nd stick and is $9.99 on the store. Gun: Showdown is another sleeper that kicks b*tt with stick two.
one2thr  +   866d ago
God of War:Chains of Olympus, activate Thera's Bane... And watch how wonderful the mixture of red, Orange, and black looks on the Vita's screen.... And it seems its more fluid to play it on Vita instead of PSP.... At Sticky Lips BBQ, Yeah!!!!
hard joe  +   866d ago
god of war, metal gear solid, crisis core
iWishTifaWasReal  +   866d ago
catfrog  +   866d ago
im playing trails in the sky right now :)

would love to have crisis core and kingdom hearts bbs, though i assume now that they wont be released on psn :(

hopefully SE ends up releasing type-0 as a vita game
Zoron007  +   866d ago
I dont like turn based jrpgs and I never had a psp. What are some action rpgs that id like?
cpayne93  +   865d ago
If you get a Vita you should definitely download monster hunter on it, you can map the second analog stick to the camera so it controls just like a console game. Other than that, there's dungeon siege, dissidia, crisis core, valkyria chronicles, and kingdom hearts. Not all of those are on the store but hopefully they will get there soon.

Other games that I would consider must haves for psp owners would be both syphon filters, resistance retribution, metal gear solid peace walker and portable ops, both god of wars, daxter, wipeout and maybe the socom fireteam bravo 1-2 if tactical shooters are your thing.
one2thr  +   865d ago
Does "Ad-Hoc" party still work with monster hunter even if its being used on the Vita?... Only reason why I haven't bought it yet
cpayne93  +   865d ago
Zoron007  +   865d ago
which monster hunter should I get for my vita

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