ROCKMAN HOLIC promo has a kickass X vs. Zero battle

This new promotional trailer features the track "X-Buster," which predominantly sources the "X vs. Zero" theme from Mega Man X5. Accompanying the sample is a badass animation inspired by the X5 showdown between X and the corrupted Zero. Blows are exchanged, X dons a "SOUND HOLIC" armor to turn the tide, then Sigma drops in ready for business. Makes me mad that there isn't a full-fledged X anime -- excluding "The Day of Sigma" OVA in Maverick Hunter X.

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DivineAssault 2087d ago

Not really into getting a soundtrack but I do miss the MMX series.. I fell in love with it the moment i played the 1st one on SNES.. This video is bs tho cuz Zero would murder X.. Wheres his Z-Buster?