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Rareware – Best Characters of All Time

137d ago - NuzCo writes: "Rareware was one of the greatest video game companies of the Nintendo 64 era. They... | Xbox

Retro Review: Jet Force Gemini

477d ago - oprainfall's Tyler Lubben writes: "Jet Force Gemini tells the story of a pair of twin siblings... | Retro

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10 Games That Should Make a Comeback During The Next Generation

563d ago - "There have been plenty of games and franchises that we would love to see continue... | PS4

Top 10 Games that Need Remakes...Now

584d ago - Alex St-Amour from 3GEM writes: 'I’m not talking about a simple HD update or online integration,... | Culture

Nintendo Life - Jet Force Gemini Review

637d ago - Nintendo Life - The Nintendo 64 and Rare go together like Banjo and Kazooie. The developer was be... | Retro

Game Informer - Replay – Jet Force Gemini

722d ago - Game Informer - After Rare gave Donkey Kong his own game and crafted a 3D model of Pierce Brosnan... | Retro

Five Games Rare Could Show at E3 That Aren't Killer Instinct

729d ago - By Ural Garrett How British software legend Rare Ltd. went from adored Nintendo second-party d... | Xbox 360

Will Killer Instinct, Blast Corps, Jet Force Jemini, RC Pro Am or Perfect Dark return on Xbox One

733d ago - Brash Games writes "With RARE working on a host of new titles and well known franchises will we s... | Xbox One

The Games and Franchises That Microsoft Should Revive In The Next Generation

760d ago - Microsoft needs to start focusing on games and less on entertainment. While I use... | Xbox 360

The 10 Best Pieces of Video Game Music You May Have Never Heard

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Retro-spective: Jet Force Gemini

954d ago - TGC writes: Last month Microsoft renewed their trademark on Killer Instinct, a fan-favourite figh... | Retro

The Top 10 Party Games Of All Time

1331d ago - Who doesn’t like to party? Yeah, I know I do. Always going to those exclusive VIP rooms, straight... | PC

The N64 3DS Remakes That Need To Happen

1352d ago - UGO: Bust-a-Move? Ocarina of Time? Star Fox? We remember playing these, sure... 10 years ago. Do... | Retro

6 N64 Games That Deserve A Modern Sequel

1418d ago - With all the junk games coming out, it's a downright travesty that these titles haven't had recen... | Dev

5 games the Bootleg Gamer wants to see made

1711d ago - When the Bootleg Gamer first heard the news that Duke Nukem Forever was actually confirmed for re... | Culture

The Making of Jet Force Gemini - Part Two

1813d ago - In the second and final part of their N64-themed making of, Nintendo life looks at the critical a... | Wii

The Making of Jet Force Gemini - Part One

1816d ago - In the first of a two-part feature, Nintendo Life gos behind the scenes on what is regarded by ma... | Wii

Rare denies Blast Corps 2 and Jet Force Gemini 2 yet again

2195d ago - MundoRare writes: "With E3 fast approaching, and the last edition of Scribes being somewhere... | 2,7,15
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