10 Games That Should Make a Comeback During The Next Generation "There have been plenty of games and franchises that we would love to see continue on, but unfortunately that hasn't happened. This is a look at the 10 games that should make a well deserved comeback now that the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 are being released"

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Zorak1416d ago

I nominate Manhunt, Smuggler's Run, and NBA Street.

VersaVulture891413d ago

NBA Street for the win! The game took many hours away from my life.

Tornado1416d ago

Bully, Psychonauts and Def Jam :)

VersaVulture891413d ago

More like Def Jam Vendetta and Fight for NY and less like Icon. I would fully support a reboot of Def Jam!

BlakHavoc1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Eh the only one of these i'd like to see make a comeback is Dark Cloud. Some PS franchises that should definitely make a comeback IMO are Syphon Filter, Socom, The Legend of Dragoon, and Heavenly Sword. A reboot on Syphon Filter and Socom would be great, a remake of the original Legend of Dragoon, and a sequel to Heavenly Sword.

VersaVulture891413d ago

A Heavenly Sword sequel would be great. I've really been liking what Ninja Theory has been doing lately. A sequel would be tons better because they've grown as a developer.