Rareware – Best Characters of All Time

NuzCo writes: "Rareware was one of the greatest video game companies of the Nintendo 64 era. They were the creators behind Banjo Kazooie, Golden Eye, and Killer Instinct to name a few. Rareware created many great characters, so we have composed a list of a few of the greatest."

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TheSuperior 1318d ago

What no Viva piñata? lol jk no for realz I have to give it to conker; hes a character and a half!

Dlacy13g1318d ago

Well technically Viva Pinata was post Nintendo Rareware days. Conger agreed is definitely one of their best.

Gamer7771318d ago

What does Nintendo have to due with the quality of Viva Piñata character?

Dlacy13g1318d ago

the article is citing the best Rareware characters from the Nintendo days. That's why I was saying Viva Pinata wouldn't be on the list anyway because it was after they left Nintendo.

Gamer7771318d ago

@Dlacy13g Sabrewulf is a pre-Nintendo 64 character and he is on the list.

Relientk771318d ago

Where's the Battletoads and Banjo

Subaruwrx1318d ago

Blast Corps, Diddy Kong Racing and Jet Force Gemini were my favorite Rare games of the N64 era. Blast Corps' bots and vehicles weren't exactly great characters but they provided hours of great game play.

WizzroSupreme1318d ago

Killer Instinct on XBO was pretty darn good; brought back a glimmer of the old days. A new Banjo Kazooie done right can atone for a lot, but it's Conker trash-talking Kinect that I'd love to see.