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The N64 3DS Remakes That Need To Happen

UGO: Bust-a-Move? Ocarina of Time? Star Fox? We remember playing these, sure... 10 years ago. Do we care? Hell no. What makes the 3DS so unique is that not only is it a powerful, new piece of hardware, but it is a mobile nostalgia machine. Why it took this long to do a barrel roll on a bus or a subway is unacceptable. Ocarina of Time is easily the Zelda game with the most replay value, even for new players, and you better believe the next Mario game is going to be a blast.

Why, then, is Nintendo getting all this bad juju? Well, we are getting sold 10 year old titles over and over again at new game prices. We understand the scrutiny and sometimes we join in on it. But then we play Epona's song on our ocarina, lead an assault on planet Venom and all our complaints drift away.

What we don't need, however, are stale ports with no new content whatsoever. Nor do we need every N64 game to find it's way onto our 3DS. We will admit that there are a handful of games that absolutely must come to our new 3D handheld. These N64 3DS remakes are the only 3DS games we don't mind paying for over and over again. (3DS, Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64, Jet Force Gemini, Perfect Dark, Pokemon Snap (VC), Resident Evil 2, Retro, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Turok 2)

Venox2008  +   1448d ago
Conker, please give me at least Conker!!!

..and Zelda:MM & DK 64 with RE2 (with videos)
rmedtx888  +   1448d ago
Definitely DK 64, Turok and I would like to see Doom 64, One of my favorites.
Pozzle  +   1448d ago
I'm still waiting for a 'proper' DK64 sequel. Easily one of my favorite games from the N64.
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krontaar  +   1448d ago
enough with the damn remakes, I want some new games.
Magnus  +   1448d ago
I wouldn't mind Mario 64 or even Mario Kart 64
Dart89  +   1448d ago
DK64,Jet force Gemini,Conker's bad fur day,Perfect dark,Super smash bros,No mercy,Banjo koozie.
Still have my copies but i would love them to be on the 3ds so i can play them when im not home.
PCE  +   1448d ago
Super Mario 64. That game defines the N64 era. I don't think any game in the future will ever recapture such a revolutionary moment.
Tanir  +   1448d ago
oddly i think im one of the select feww that think mario 64 was an enormous downgrade to the series, i adored all the games previous to that one, ever since mario 64, i hates them, mario 64, sunshine, galaxy 1 and 2.

the new super mario bros was gr8 cuz it went back to its roots though, but just my opinion
blumatt  +   1448d ago
I agree. I remember playing Mario 64 back in the day, and I never enjoyed it like I did Super Mario and the old NES Mario games (1 2 and 3). Galaxy 1 and 2 look kinda neat though. However, I think Mario's true strength lies in 2D platforming. It's just how it was meant to be played.
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Tanir  +   1448d ago
played galaxy one and two, didnt enjoy it either, got bored and stopped playin. oh well wish they would stay 2d, but they have alot of fans that like it 3d.

i think my prob with the 3d games actually is that its WAY too easy
Tanir  +   1448d ago
3DS needs a remake before those games get remade
PSX99  +   1448d ago
No i rather have new games ,not games i already have or played.
MasterCornholio  +   1448d ago
Please no more remakes. I played most of the great games on the N64 and i have no need to play them again. What i would like to see is new games for the 3DS instead of ports.

However i would not mind a new Turok game or a new paper Mario. But new games not remakes.
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blumatt  +   1448d ago
Yeah, I'd love to see everyone's reaction if Sony tried to feed its next-gen handheld (Vita) with a bunch of PS2 remakes. haha Unique and new handheld games are what we need for these handhelds. It's fine if they use existing franchises, but just make new games, not just ports of existing games. Regarding Mario, however, I think they should tone it down a bit. They're waaay past the milking point with that IP.
xX-Jak-Xx  +   1448d ago
3DS dont need remakes it need more new games
N64 is an old system
Tokyo_reject  +   1448d ago
Im sorry....the only game that needs to be remade outa all them is RE2 lol, and they need a NEW pokemon snap...not a remake
Gen0ne  +   1448d ago
1080 and Wave Race. Come on, Wave Race in 3D..? Sold!

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