The N64 3DS Remakes That Need To Happen

UGO: Bust-a-Move? Ocarina of Time? Star Fox? We remember playing these, sure... 10 years ago. Do we care? Hell no. What makes the 3DS so unique is that not only is it a powerful, new piece of hardware, but it is a mobile nostalgia machine. Why it took this long to do a barrel roll on a bus or a subway is unacceptable. Ocarina of Time is easily the Zelda game with the most replay value, even for new players, and you better believe the next Mario game is going to be a blast.

Why, then, is Nintendo getting all this bad juju? Well, we are getting sold 10 year old titles over and over again at new game prices. We understand the scrutiny and sometimes we join in on it. But then we play Epona's song on our ocarina, lead an assault on planet Venom and all our complaints drift away.

What we don't need, however, are stale ports with no new content whatsoever. Nor do we need every N64 game to find it's way onto our 3DS. We will admit that there are a handful of games that absolutely must come to our new 3D handheld. These N64 3DS remakes are the only 3DS games we don't mind paying for over and over again.

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Venox20082412d ago

Conker, please give me at least Conker!!!

..and Zelda:MM & DK 64 with RE2 (with videos)

rmedtx8882412d ago

Definitely DK 64, Turok and I would like to see Doom 64, One of my favorites.

Pozzle2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

I'm still waiting for a 'proper' DK64 sequel. Easily one of my favorite games from the N64.

krontaar2412d ago

enough with the damn remakes, I want some new games.

Magnus2412d ago

I wouldn't mind Mario 64 or even Mario Kart 64

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The story is too old to be commented.