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Will Heroes of the Storm beat DotA 2 and LoL?

2d ago - Heroes of the Storm (HotS) is the new Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) produced by Blizzard... | PC

[ChinaJoy] Blizzard Heroes Cosplay Show - China Final Preview

4d ago - Do you realize that a Cosplay feast is coming? In the upcoming ChinaJoy, Blizzard Heroes Cosplay... | PC

Heroes of the Storm: Muradin Walkthrough [Guide]

4d ago - David: Mountain or man? The Mountain King Muradin from the Warcraft franchise seems like a little... | PC

Heroes of the Storm rated 12+ in Korea

4d ago - Heroes of the Storm has been given a 12+ rating in Korea for violence, after being tweaked somewh... | PC

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

[Continue Play] Heroes of the Storm character spotlight - meet Illidan, the Betrayer

5d ago - Continue Play's Brian Kale continues his look at the various playable characters on offer in Bliz... | PC

Blizzard unveils new Heroes of the Storm battleground

5d ago - "The folks over at Blizzard Entertainment just unveiled a brand new battleground for their upcomi... | PC

MOBA Madness: This Generation’s MMO Rush

6d ago - 'The day there is an Adventure Time MOBA, you know that the market is over saturated. This genre,... | PC

[Continue Play] Heroes of the Storm: Zagara, The Broodmother Preview

8d ago - Continue Play's Brian Kale continues his ongoing Heroes of the Storm character previews where he... | PC

Chasing League of Legends: Here’s every upcoming MOBA we could think of

12d ago - GamesBeat We list every upcoming MOBA we can think of, from those in open beta to others barely j... | PC

Heroes of the Storm is the Next Big Thing in Online Multiplayer Gaming

13d ago - CraveOnline: "Just a few weeks ago I was invited to join the Heroes of the Storm alpha. Hopping i... | PC

Current State of the Market: MOBA Over Saturation

14d ago - It's already halfway through the year 2014, and there had been a lot of news about several MOBAs... | PC

Buff Me Please: Illidan

15d ago - A look at the Heroes of the Storm champion Illidan, explaining how and why he should be buffed. | PC

10 Early Fixes for Heroes of the Storm Crashes, Black Screen, Can't Install, Loud Volume, Can't Play

16d ago - As the Heroes of the Storm Alpha rolls out worldwide, more users are reporting crashes, errors, i... | PC

Blizzard deploys AU servers for Heroes of the Storm

19d ago - Blizzard is making itself right at home in Australia, deploying a bunch of new game servers Down... | PC

AUS Servers For Heroes of the Storm Released, International Invite Wave Begins

19d ago - As we mentioned before, Blizzard would send out a large wave of Heroes of the Storm Tech Alpha in... | PC

Heroes of the Storm Announces Oceanic Servers

20d ago - Blizzard has today announced that Heroes of the Storm will be running Oceanic servers both for it... | PC

Heroes of the Storm Breaks all the MOBA Rules: Richard Khoo Interview and Hands-On - AusGamers

21d ago - AusGamers has taken Heroes of the Storm for an alpha spin and also had a chance to chat with Bliz... | PC

Heroes of the Storm Preview | Den of Geek US

25d ago - Blizzard's new MOBA feels like its on its way to doing for the genre what Hearthstone has accompl... | PC

Next Phase of Heroes of The Storm Tech Alpha Will Invite Multi-Country Gamers

31d ago - Early day, Blizzard announced that the next phase of the Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha will... | PC

Building the Nexus: The Voice of Gazlowe

31d ago - Blizzard Entertainment interviewed voice actor Travis Willingham to discuss his experience at the... | PC

Watch Dogs Review

Now - Dave hacks the planet with his latest review. | Promoted post

Heroes of the Storm enters next Alpha phase soon

32d ago - "Blizzard announced today that preparations have started for the next phase of the Heroes of the... | PC

Heroes of the Storm Guide for Playing Demon Hunter

33d ago - Demon Hunter is an accessible assassin with powerful AoE skills in Heroes of the Storm. Her Vault... | PC

Why is Murky So Powerful in Heroes of the Storm

33d ago - If you like Blizzard games, you may know that each Blizzard game would have a particularly powerf... | PC

5 Champions That Should Be Added into Heroes

33d ago - Hots Thoughts provides list of five Hero ideas for Blizzard to add into their new Hero Brawler, w... | PC

Heroes of the Storm: Sgt. Hammer, Seige Tank Guide

34d ago - Sgt. Hammer is an amazing asset to any team, offering some of the best long range support damage... | PC
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