Heroes of the Storm Was Featured on Manny Pacquiao's Team Shirt

Game Revolution: "If you missed the Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather fight last night, you didn't miss much. Everything about the fight, from Round 1 to Round 12, was as predictable as you could ever imagine. For many it wasn't the battle of the ages that it was hyped to be.

Although the fight is being considered a disappointment for many, there was some video game representation that was nice to see, nothing better than Pacquiao's team staff shirt which bore the tile Heroes of the Storm on it. Seen above, it wasn't particularly obvious, and probably got a few people to do a web search for 'Heroes of the Storm', precisely what Blizzard was aiming for."

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nidhogg1295d ago

Wow! I hadn't noticed that. OT: I don't think im not the only one who thought Pacquiao should have won.

Eonjay1295d ago

Naw.. Floyd was the clear winner in this fight.

wannabe gamer1294d ago

i dont care who won cause above all it showed that boxing is a joke in todays world. if it accomplished anything at all it was that people will never get on the boxing hype train like that again in this generation at least. all the millions of dollars and people showing up and then it was just a huge flopping waste of time.

Wh15ky1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

I wouldn't say he was the clear winner, just that he clearly didn't lose.

I've never predicted a fight so accurately, before. So boring and now that it's monday, I'm really regreting staying up through the night to watch it.

Spinal1294d ago

Pacman had no answer to Floyds impeccable defence.

jcnba281294d ago

I never knew hugging your opponent and running around the ring = impeccable defense.

Baka-akaB1294d ago

Even then , and i say that as a pro Manny , it was his job to pierce through those "hugs" . He didnt falter , and the victory is mediocre , but he still didnt win

Utalkin2me1294d ago


Is it illegal to do those things? I mean Floyd has did that his whole career, not like it's something new he is doing. If you haven't been beaten, then somebody has to figure out how to beat you and Manny couldn't figure it out. Just as the 47 boxers before him.

goldwyncq1294d ago

What Floyd did throughout wasn't too different to those who camp in online matches. It's cheap and nowhere near fun to watch.

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killacal131294d ago

Floyd won the Heavyrunnerweight championship.

KING851294d ago

I believe a lot of people felt this way because he was the crowd favorite and the underdog coming in. IMO it wasn't that close. Mayweather's defense was way better than Pacman's offense. He dodged most of his hits and was able to counter him as well. It think people thought that Pacman's punches were connecting when in reality they were mostly not.

hamburgerhill1294d ago

I say Mayweather took it but at the same time a few more rounds should have went to Manny.

Khajiit861294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

Floyd won, but if Floyd actually fought Pacquiao then Pacquiao would have won. That was Pacquaios most boring fight since he fought his little sister when they were kids because of Floyds style. Every time Pacquiao threw a puch Mayweather ran like a scared little girl.

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Fro_xoxo1294d ago

Heroes of storm?

Floyd made Pac look like an ordinary boxer ^_^.

kingdomtriggers1294d ago

Indeed. An ordinary boxer doesn't hug their opponent to death….I wasted $100 on that bullshit fight lol

Fro_xoxo1294d ago

Like you, and many others. You're mad 'cause you paid to see Floyd lose.


kingdomtriggers1294d ago

If floyd even did some damage then sure. But as it stands, that fight was lame as hell

IrishSt0ner1294d ago

Floyd is not a fighter.. he's a point boxer, and that's why he is 47-0.

Feel bad for casual watchers expecting fight of the century.. counter-punchers are boring as hell to watch for the normal viewer.

Utalkin2me1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )


You must have never watched Floyd fight. He has fought this way his whole life and that's why he is 48-0.

Khajiit861294d ago

You are the one that payed for a Mayweather fight. Wtf were you expecting, he has never had an exciting fight in his whole career.

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GearSkiN1294d ago

I'm so happy n4g comment section talking something more than gaming lol

zep1294d ago

fanboy war but not on console haha

iistuii1294d ago

"I'm the American dream".. Do me a favor, if he was chocolate, he'd eat himself. The guys horrid, but unfortunately he is a master boxer. Its not all about toe to toe, there's an art of dodge & move..If you don't get hit, you cant lose.

Agent_hitman1294d ago

Floyd = Hugger, rather than a boxer lol

Utalkin2me1294d ago

48-0, im sure he doesn't care.

Ripsta7th1294d ago

Of course he doesnt
All three judges were from Las Vegas
Maywheather is like Las Vegas child
No way he was going to loode on his turf
Maywhether is still a chicken

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