Blizzard Has No Plans to Port World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm to Consoles

While console MMORPGs and MOBAs are more than ever closer to the norm than an exception, Blizzard isn't in a hurry to join the fray.

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Profchaos244d ago

Same rumours have been flying around since the 360 launched

princejb134244d ago

isn't world of warcraft in a decline for the past few years?

Kokyu244d ago

Its been in slow decline for about 5

kevnb243d ago

yes, but when you are that huge there is nowhere to go but down. Dont kid yourself, the game is still huge.

Internetratnik244d ago

It wouldn't sell much because the keyboard is pretty much mandatory for this game. Otherwise the experience would really be dumbed down I guess

InTheZoneAC244d ago

It wouldn't be too far off. All the face buttons and triggers could be used just like you use on a keyboard, then pressing L1 to give you a new set of commands with those same buttons. In terms if controls it wouldn't hinder the experience at a level where you say it would make the game unenjoyable.

But the biggest thing is blizzard milking pay to play, console users aren't dumb enough to support that long term.

Ragthorn243d ago

I haven't played WoW in a long while (since WotLK), but I feel like it still would not enter consoles without a major dumbing down. Simply because it was not built with consoles in mind when designing its UI or gameplay. It would have to fundamentally be changed so that it can accomodate the controller. For example in the picture link below, this is just a random high-level raid scenario where abilities and stats are all over the place. It would be a nightmare to try and shift through all your abilities like this. I am not turning down that offer though, if they could make a WoW on console, that would be pretty amazing. Just the sheer effort of porting this beast is commendable in itself.

kevnb243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

Are you trolling? Console gamers will buy any stupid crap and pay just to use any online services at all.

Internetratnik243d ago

Keyboard in a social sense. Without communication WOW is a shell of a game its supposed to be.
And voice chat instead? Maybe, but still wouldnt be a complete experience

kevnb243d ago

it would sell well if it was done well, but I dont know if it would actually make them have many more subscribers since even console gamers just play it on pc.

Kokyu244d ago

We have warframe so who cares.

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