Blizzard to Be Present at Gamescom 2015, Promises Biggest Ever Presence

Blizzard Entertainment today announced its biggest gamescom presence to date at gamescom 2015, where the company will showcase more games than ever before on over 500 game stations.

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micx1154d ago

I sincerely hope they'll announce some bigger changes to Hearthstone, primarily redesigning ladder and reward systems.

Sonital1154d ago

And Diablo. Poured hours in on console but feel like I got relatively little out.

Hellsvacancy1154d ago

Starcraft 2 PS4 PLEASE............ I know it won't happen, a man can hope can't he?

Timesplitter141154d ago

that would be a waste of time and resources. RTS without a mouse/keyboard = nope

Hellsvacancy1154d ago

Could you not use the PS4s touchpad? i've played loads of rts games using gamepads, didn't really hinder my experience

Your basically saying consoles should never get an rts game because you can't use mouse/keyboard

Timesplitter141154d ago

yes that is exactly what I'm saying.

dcj05241154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

Why do people think PS4 can't use mouse and keyboard? I use mouse and keyboard for FFXIV all the time. So it's not a waste of time or resources since you CAN use a mouse and keyboard. The PS3 could too. The new consoles have USB ports Dummies!

Timesplitter141154d ago

dcj, how many people do you think will use a kb+m on PS4?

Roccetarius1154d ago

Having to design Starcraft for consoles would compromise the PC version, just like what happened to Diablo 3.

In other words, it's not going to happen.

Hellsvacancy1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

How will it compromise the PC version, the PC version has been out for years, I should know I own/play it

I grew up playing rts games on consoles, Command And Conquer, Populous to name a few and I used a gamepad so this whole idea of "you can only play an rts game using m/k is BS" don't the same idiots think the same about first person shooters? "oh you can't only play fps games with a gamepad, you really need m/k for that"


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Drekken1154d ago

Enough ports and remakes. Lets get some new games!

DougLord1154d ago

I want a new Warcraft RTS!!!

Eldyraen1154d ago

I think millions of Blizzard fans would agree with that.

_LarZen_1154d ago

World of Warcraft Console Edition.

Thanks, that will be all.

Takwin1154d ago

That doesn't need to happen because it will run on nearly any laptop, PC, or Mac in existence on low settings.

Plus, there are more abilities than there are buttons. WAY more.

I played WoW for 6 years and cannot even fathom how to shoehorn it on the PS4. Ironically, it could be done on the Wii U.

AliTheSnake11154d ago

But I don't like to play games on PC. I want to play on my consoles, all my friends are on consoles.

Mulletino1154d ago

Not that many abilities since dumbing down. If they can make Diablo have so few they can do the same with wow and they probably will. Who could resist next expansion them having all prior expansions included on console! :) Not debating on whether or not that would be a good thing though.

_LarZen_1154d ago

Not everyone want to play on a PC. And with so many sold XBO/PS4 machines there is a big costumer group Blizzard can tap into.

Just as Diablo 3 was changed and designed for console. So would World of Warcraft have to be.

I have been watching The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4 today and it works flawless. Yeah it has less abilities but that is the trend in MMO games now and for the better I think.

An more action oriented version of World of Warcraft. That would be plain awesome...

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