ESPN Radio Host Slams Competitive Gaming

During this morning's ESPN Radio show The Herd, host Colin Cowherd slammed competitive gaming after his employer hosted a Heroes of the Storm competition the night earlier on ESPN 2. Many viewers took issue with ESPN for broadcasting the gaming programming, and Cowherd was right there with them.

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breakpad1327d ago

While big fan of games i agree on that have no relation with sport

Peekayboo1327d ago

sports and games both are they same, If you didn't play them as a kid you could care less who plays them

pompombrum1327d ago

If Chess can be considered a sport, I don't see why gaming can't. Only issue I have is the ones who go around calling professional gamers athletes.

xX1NORM1Xx1327d ago

That is for visa purposes no one actually thinks of them as athletes except the governments that issue the work visa so that they may stay at their team house and play in other countries

Khajiit861327d ago

Well said. You can def. set up a competitive gaming tournament so I would call it a sport in that sense but for people that are just gaming for fun most of the time like me you are not playing a sport.

Oschino19071327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

Same with hunting and fishing. They are often doing it for sport and they have sportsmen clubs dedicated to it. They have tons of tv coverage for events and specialized tv shows that gaming doesn't have YET.

3-4-51326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

* So he has no problem that they show spelling bee's and arm wrestling........but he rants about this ?

crazychris41241327d ago

Cant be much worse than watching 6 hours of coverage for the Kentucky Derby, its a 2 minute race!

1327d ago
KryptoniteTail1327d ago

ESPN covers Chess and Poker. So then, are Poker games sports? Idiots. DDR is more of a sport than those. You can't slam video games for with no argument. Such ignorance.

Khajiit861327d ago

They cover the Spelling Bee too lol, or at least used to. and put it in their top 10's.

1327d ago
STK0261327d ago

If ESPN plans on broadcasting competitive gaming (or eSport), they really should tell their employees not to undermine it the next day. And they should push for more of this content to be showcased on ESPN by the way, as competitive gaming, whether you like it or not, is growing very fast and is really starting to get a lot of viewers.

And, as for his comments, I'd say this isn't about the players being athletes or not, or gaming being a sport or not, it seems he simply hates video games. He's no better than all the morning show hosts who claim video games are responsible for all the murders and crimes in the nation.

xX1NORM1Xx1327d ago

Honestly thats fine i wouldn't want someone so short sighted covering games he obviously has no interest either so why would i care about his opinion on it. Further more why would WE want esports on ESPN? its the games/players that attract veiwers so i don't understand why there can't be a new channel dedicated to esports of all kinds not just MOBAs that way there is enough content to keep the channel full or just do what BBC do and only have content between certain hours or even repeat events for people that miss them. Personally ill just watch LoL on twitch but i get why people would want it on TV.

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