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Infamous HL2 Cinematic Mod 13: Benchmarks, comparison

571d ago - Website shares some impressions with Beta 1 of the famous Cinematic Mod 13 for Half-Life... | PC

Cinematic Mod 2013 Beta Download Release "soon" - First Stunning Screenshots

631d ago - Here are the very first screenshots from the Cinematic Mod 2013 Beta (Half-Life 2). Modder FakeFa... | PC

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

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Half-Life 2: New Sexy Alyx Vance Non-Scifi-Outfit Unveiled - First Screenshots

640d ago - Take a look at Alyx Vance from Valves Half-Life 2 with a new non-scifi-outfit. Sexy or not? What... | PC

The End of Gordon Freeman

1034d ago - Are silent protagonists such as Gordon Freeman still needed in games today? Will both kinds of pr... | PC

Top 5 Female Characters In Video Games

1294d ago - Female characters in video games have increasingly taken on a more dominant and commanding role.... | PC

Half-Life 2 With More Destruction: First Screenshots Will Leave You Speechless

1347d ago - Here are the very first Screenshots from Valves shooter Half-Life 2 with more enviroment destruct... | PC

Half-Life 2: New Amazing Screenshots Take Valves Source Engine To The Limit

1389d ago - Here are some brand new and stunning screenshots and comparison shots from Half-Life 2, there are... | PC

Half-Life 2: Brand New Alyx Model Looks Hot And Sexy

1403d ago - Here ist the brand new Alyx model from an upcoming version of Cinematic Mod (Half-Life 2). | PC

The Top 10 video games of all time

1621d ago - CVG writes:We've done a lot of lists over the past year or so. Sometimes you just need to sit dow... | Culture

PC Gaming: Can You Go Home Again?

1653d ago - Joystick Division writer Mitch Krpata realizes he doesn't know anything about computers anymore. | PC

Gameolio Podcast Ep 17: Dan’s Lunch Box

1909d ago - Ai-Phuong, Rich and Dan talk Dynasty Warriors Online followed by a great idea, or not, for an Aus... | PC

A2G's Top 10 Dogs in Gaming

2219d ago - AddictedtoGaming writes: I always find myself getting insanely attached to any dog that I come ac... | 11

Top 5 FPS of All Time

2228d ago - Which games deserve to be considered the Top 5 FPS Games of All Time? Considering the popularity... | 8,11,12

In Defense of the Undeveloped Protagonist -

2269d ago - Our intrepid Northern American correspondent takes a look at the evolution of character developme... | 1,2,12

I Want A Good Single Player Campaign In My Shooter… Please?

2417d ago - NextGN writes: "With the arrival of the next generation consoles, I have seen the rise of a... | 1, 2, 12

Video: Half Life fan fiction steps up

2534d ago - Gamezine: Half Life fan fiction has never been this good, or hilarious, or bad, or a "steami... | 1,2,12

Why Do We Love Valve?

2547d ago - Here's a thing, many games have been released by numerous companies over time. Some instant class... | 2,11,12,15

Half-Life 2 Short Film - Escape From City 17 - Part One

2553d ago - Holy crap it's been done, epic win, awesome. The Purchase Brothers have made a short film titled,... | 11,12

Domestic Heroine: The Reality of Dating a Videogame Hottie

2630d ago - The women in videogames are magnificent specimens. They are the object of fantasies for videogame... | 2, 3, 8, 11, 12

Valve Releases Source Mods for Free on Steam

2685d ago - The free Source MODs receive auto updates like Steam games and let creators use stat tracking and... | 12

List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

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Half-Life: The Lost Chapter

2691d ago - RPS writes: "There's an official slice of the Half-Life saga that never found its way to PC.... | 1,2,12,15

Half Life 2: Episode Pack Review at CheatCC - Good Things come in Three Packages

2839d ago - CheatCC writes: "Half Life 2: Episode Pack is definitely a well-balanced collection for the... | 12
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