PC Gaming: Can You Go Home Again?

Joystick Division writer Mitch Krpata realizes he doesn't know anything about computers anymore.

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fluffydelusions2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

I used to be all about PC gaming for a while also but just kind of shifted to consoles nearly exclusively. A gaming rig is a curse for me cause I always want the latest and greatest and I loved to tinker with it so it became a big money pit for me lol.

Substance1012573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

Tinkering with your rig is all optional. There are many that just setup once then play games at max settings.

Console games are a money pit too imo. You buy them at a premium price specially when compared to the deals at Steam or D2D, later after spending all those thousands on console games, you have no assurity if the same games will work on the next box.

Infact for the average gamer who buys 1-2 games a month the price difference between console and PC games is so high, that you could literally end up buying a mid to high range rig with it by 2 years time or so.

Ranshak2573d ago

"There are many that just setup once then play games at max settings."

Word my 11 year old brother plays on PC, Graduated from consoles last year. All he does is slide settings to max and plays. I mean if a 11 year old can handle it, it cant be that hard right?

I bought him a 5870 back when they launched which is about 2009, still runs about every game maxed out no tinkering needed.

Solid_Snake-2573d ago

what is this guys problem. has he ever joined a forum and spoke to some knowledged pc guys.

Letros2573d ago

"There's a $50 difference between the processor that has a 6 MB L3 Cache and the one that has 4 x 256 256k L4 Cache, but is the difference really worth the cost? This is the kind of thing that keeps me up at night. Especially because I still don't know what any of those numbers mean."

2. Search for benchmarks on both processors
3. Decide for yourself, and get some sleep at night!

peowpeow2572d ago

If not that, spend an extra minute signing up to tomshardware or another forum (most have very experienced users with very valuable info to share), and simply ask away.

I just OC'd my i7 920 (first timer) and it felt great, 3.5ghz..MORE TOMORROW! (addictive! :@)

zootang2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

I game on my PC but with a console you find money goes more into games. Any money I get for PC gaming tends to go into upgrading it.

Ranshak2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

Lol you must be the kind of person who buys a I7 cpu then equips it with a non gaming GPU, later need to upgrade the GPU over and over because you keep repeating the same mistake.

This summer sale alone i bought about 6 games of steam for about 100usd, all them were about 2-3 months old and AAA games. Doing that on console would have cost me 300usd minimum. Goes without saying PC gaming can be very economic, cheaper then any console anyways.

death2smoochie2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

This is what console gamers seem to miss.
Almost every single PC game that is also on these consoles can cost anywhere from $5-$20 less than the very same console game.
That price gets even cheaper when STEAM has those weekend fire sales for some Triple A games.

In the end you save so much more money PC gaming.
Your initial cost output for your PC is obviously higher than a console, however within 2 years that very $299-$699 console you bought (Either launch or later on) just cost you more because of the extra price cost for the same exact games and over price ad ons and DLC.
It adds up...SO FAST.

solar2573d ago

you have to be the stupidest PC gamer ever than. :)

Myst2573d ago

I used to not game on pc because I had a rather weak one but when I bought my own laptop and got into steam and it's sales it was starting to warm me up to pc games. I mean it may not be the best out there but as long as I can play a good chunk I'd play pc games. Heck I think I play them a bit more at times than I do my console ones.

BlackKnight2573d ago

Just go read benchmarks. has their "charts" section and really lets you compare and sort, its amazing.

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