Half-Life 2: Brand New Alyx Model Looks Hot And Sexy

Here ist the brand new Alyx model from an upcoming version of Cinematic Mod (Half-Life 2).

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Yi-Long1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

...nothing is wrong with original Alyx. She's absolutely perfect. This 'mod' looks NOTHING like her, so it's basically just a completely different character.

Which is completely unnecessary, cause like I said, Alyx is perfect the way she is already.

Grap1844d ago

she look like a teenager..

inveni01844d ago

Yeah, whoever created this doesn't know what sexy is. The original Alyx is awesome. I would be pumped if they would just improve her poly count and texture resolution.

...and maybe add some dialog where she tells me I'm handsome...

Getowned1844d ago

I like the old alyx she felt very real for a video game character this just is just aweful.alyx was hot because she wasn't trying to be a sank.

best cosplay of alyx iv ever seen.I'd tap that.


ChrisW1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

She looks like Michelle Rodriguez...

But I don't like the outfit.

Hayabusa 1171843d ago

Michelle Rodriguez is excatly what came my mind too. Except Michelle is still sexy, this thing isn't.

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awi59511844d ago

Yeah i like the old model this one just looks like a slut not innocent like the old model.

ATi_Elite1844d ago

1. Yi Long is so correct Alyx is Perfect as is
2. This mod is SO OLD!

Ravenor1844d ago

It really doesn't fit with someone running around City 17 either....

iagainsti1201844d ago

I can't stand Alyx mods, they make her look worse... sigh

SilentNegotiator1844d ago

These mods of Alyx get worse every time.

Doesn't this make the scenes with the father around like....really awkward? Notice anything off with the way your little girl is dressed, pops?

Kalowest1844d ago

I love modders, but this mod is ugly. Like Yi-Long said
"original Alyx. She's absolutely perfect." Yep the original is WAY better.

bobrea1844d ago

If you don't like it, don't get the mod. But other people like it so who cares?

SilentNegotiator1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

People can criticize it if they want. If you can't take it, leave the page.

Everyone on the planet but one can recognize something for the horribleness that it is, and one person can enjoy it. So what's your point?
Are the other 7 billion people not allowed to criticize it?

jeeves861843d ago

She looks like a vampire. And the pic doesn't show it, but you can see she's got some ginormous thighs.

Megaton1843d ago

Blech... dunno why everyone's always trying to whore her up.

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Bathyj1844d ago

What is she, a triathlete?

vulcanproject1844d ago

Must be. Excuse me for preferring a little curve on my women instead of ones with more muscles than the Terminator :-/

Bathyj1844d ago

even terminators dont look like that.
theyre supposed to pass for human

inveni01844d ago

No doubt. I don't want a girl who is stronger than me.

Ravenor1844d ago

Look at the hips, it looks weird and PRETTY blocky. Not even getting into the fact that it's not a terribly attractive "Alyx" to begin with, it doesn't do it any favors when the model is...kinda bad.

xVeZx1844d ago

her face looks like that victoria secret model....

iNcRiMiNaTi1844d ago

Adriana Lima and yeah that's who they modeled it after

SnakeCQC1844d ago

im pretty sure this is an old model

JsonHenry1844d ago

Wow.. some people need to get out more.

Grap1844d ago

there's desertstorm what should i do? i can't go out side.

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