Why Do We Love Valve?

Here's a thing, many games have been released by numerous companies over time. Some instant classics and unbelievably enjoyable others not so good. Many games have spanned different companies and genres and sometimes just been produced to death. Whilst some have been one hit wonders and never touched again. Why are Valve games the ones we keep coming back to time and time again to play?

As of this date Counter-Strike Source is the 4th "most played" game on X-Fire, only being beaten by the Call Of Duty franchise and World of Warcraft. All of Valve's major online games appear in the top twenty list. Surely now the Counter-strike horse has been beaten to death, the original game having been officially released ten years ago.
What is it about these games?

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villevalorox3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

lol I don't love them. good games. but not in my top 5 dev.

Domenikos3557d ago

I just feel a compbination of respect and recognition for their carreer and good ips, if you ask what do i love... i would answer Kojima (for example)

Lifendz3557d ago

and I love Left 4 Dead, but it's hard to really get to respect them when I don't have a gaming PC and I don't own a 360. Left 4 Dead is fun, but it's hard to believe that it couldn't run on PS3.

lord_of_balrogs3557d ago

It can run on the PS3 they just choose not to develop for it.

Valve really supports their fanbase and listens to their clients concerns. Free DLC and updates as well as great deals for those who have steam. Hell they offered Half Life for $0.98 on its 10 year anniversary. With their high sales games and revenue from developers for being able to put games on steam Valve is one rich company who have stayed humble and don't try to screw out their customers.

Powertesties3557d ago

They do and we all know it. It is a shame they do not like Playstation though. Dang it, we are missing out on some quality gaming!

Bnet3433557d ago

90% of the people here aren't here for games and to talk about them. Just talk trash and feel superior because you can't do it in real life. I'm not surprised people here don't like Valve. They are pioneers of PC gaming no doubt about it and care about their community. Cheap ass Orange Box port on PS3 (which was EA but its still Valve's fault right lol) and no Left 4 Dead on PS3, that's pretty much a target on your back here at N4G. No offense to non-biased PS3 gamers BTW. You kids (PS3 fanboys and 360 fanboys alike) never cease to amaze me. Well, I'll keep enjoying Team Fortress 2, the best FPS ever made (yes you read right). Free updates and maps and cheap prices for good games worth buying ($25 for L4D suck it 360 nubs) on Steam.

Shepherd 2143557d ago

personally i love bungie the most. Even if you dont like Halo, you cant deny that they arent true to their fans.

deal worked with MS to make all map packs free after a few months? nice.

Multiplayer playlists consistently updated and changed every month to ensure a dynamic online experience? fantastic.

Super online protection that bans cheaters and idiots on a daily basis to make the experience better? Check.

Cold Storage Map for free on Halo 3 launch day anniversary? awesome.

A lengthy progress update ("Bungie Weekly Update") every single week on their website? very much appreciated.

7 maps already released for Halo 3 within a year, with 6 more on the way by the end of 2009, two years after Halo 3's release? Sweet.

A campaign expansion at the end of 09', 2 years after Halo 3's release? cant wait.

Superior website that effectively tracks extremely detailed match statistics, clan activities, and map details like hotspots, etc? Add in the fact that you can compare all of this with any player you want?

the fact that Bungie continues to support its games well after the release date shows that they are good to their fans, i even remember a few months before Halo 3 came out they released two final maps for Halo 2. Infinity Ward came out with one, 4-map pack for COD4 and pretty much ditched the game within a year, despite its huge fanbase that still chooses to play COD4 over WaW. Valve is good but Bungie is my favorite.

stpiio3557d ago

"Well, I'll keep enjoying Team Fortress 2, the best FPS ever made (yes you read right)"

lol, im glad im not the only person who thinks that.

Bnet3433557d ago

It's good to know I'm not the only one on N4G that thinks that. No one here can ever claim a better FPS.

JsonHenry3557d ago

They make great games and have legendary product support.

Not to mention all the free content they release for their games years after the launch of the game.

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dand0083557d ago

i personally think that valve sucks

hippo243557d ago

If you don't like valve what do you like...

dand0083557d ago

i like Bethesda, infinity ward, Kojima

Vecta3557d ago

Oh yeah man I hate continues free updates for old quality games. Man Valve sucks.

hippo243557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

You like Infinity ward but hate valve?
Im assuming your referring to COD:4, a game whose foundation was laid by tactical FPS CS.

So either you hate originality and innovation, or you have some really odd standards.

I mean what do you look for in a game?

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jams_shop3557d ago

I do NOT love them in general just Half Life

Arsenic133557d ago

They believe that once a consumer buys their game, they are entitled to all DLC for free. Yay Valve.

hippo243557d ago

Yea I predict people talking about how Valve sucks because they didn't like the ps3 dev tools, or how they are run but fat people.

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