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Four Months Later, Peter Molyneux's Godus Is Still A Mess

175d ago - Four months ago, Peter Molyneux’s Godus was a disaster. Four months later, it’s… still in pretty... | PC

Godus Developer, Jack Attridge, Leaves Peter Molyneux Behind

221d ago - Co-Designer of Godus, alongside that of Peter Molyneux, is quitting the studio 22Cans. He insists... | PC

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Early Access - Games Without Content

244d ago - The News Hub writes about the issue of Early Access games like Godus and Earth Year 2066, where t... | PC

Godus Isn’t The Only Kickstarter Disappointment, Here Are A Few More

272d ago - An article via EGMR that lists some of the more disappointing or controversial Kickstarters in re... | PC

Bel's Blog Bonanza - February 27 2015

273d ago - This week in MMOGames' bi-weekly feature, Bel’s Blog Bonanza highlights some of the more interest... | PC

Schafer Supports Molyneux, but Still No Excuse

275d ago - Kate Writes: Molyneux has been known to express big ideas only to deliver products that don’t mee... | PC

Peter Molyneux: The Man Who Cried Wolf

276d ago - An eye-opening and objective look behind Peter Molyneux, 22cans and Godus! | Culture

The Godus Fiasco – The Fall of a God

281d ago - The recent fiasco surrounding Peter Molyneux and Godus has sparked worldwide media controversy as... | PC

Too Far? Peter Molyneux Responds to Godus Criticisms by Live-Streaming 22Cans’ Office

282d ago - CraveOnline: "With claims that he’s given up on Godus running rife, Molyneux has now responded in... | PC

Don’t Feel Sorry For Peter Molynuex

284d ago - Pixel Gate UK looks at why Peter Molynuex deserves criticisms and why he is no longer worthy of d... | PC

The Crucifixion of Peter Molyneux Shows How Far We’ve Fallen

285d ago - We ask our game creators to take risks and chances and we tell them it’s OK to fail — that we’d p... | Culture

One Last Dip Into the Molyneux/Godus Cesspool

285d ago - Godus is a failure, and has been one for quite a while now. Bad games happen, whether funded in... | PC

Review: Rock Paper Shotgun vs. Peter Molyneux

285d ago - Player Press Start: "You’ve likely come to this post after reading the Rock Paper Shotgun intervi... | Industry

Peter Molyneux Interview Sparks Outrage, Questions, and Silence

286d ago - The Peter Molyneux Godus saga has been advancing at a rapid rate this week, as an industry vetera... | Culture

Godus and the Dangerous Effects of Crowdfunding

286d ago - Marcus Estrada writes: "But how did this all come to pass? For one, Molyneux is the master of “ta... | Industry

Peter Molyneux's Family Received Threats Over Godus Debacle

286d ago - "Peter Molyneux reveals that he and his family were threatened over Godus." | PC

Peter Molyneux interview: 'It's over, I will not speak to the press again'

287d ago - When things go wrong for modern game developers they go spectacularly wrong. This is an era of en... | PC

Opinion: Godus: The Promises of a Fallen God Game Creator

287d ago - With all the broken promises and problems Godus and Peter Molyneux face, are future crowdfunded g... | PC

Kickstarting New Worlds: Landscapes Affect Play

289d ago - Caraline Nelson writes: "There is nothing quite like playing the role of a God, a master creator... | PC

Molyneux on Godus development: “I take the blame. There is a catalogue of things I did badly”

290d ago - Peter Molyneux sat down to answer backer questions regarding the state of Project Godus and has m... | PC

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Godus' Failure Ignites Debate On Merits Of Kickstarter

290d ago - One of Godus' backers shares the cautionary tale everyone who has an interest in crowdfunding sho... | PC

Godus' Status Uncertain, As Devs Release Update Video

290d ago - Godus' devs have come out with a new video updating fans on the state of the game, just as major... | PC

Rumor: Has 22cans Quietly Ended Work On Godus?

314d ago - Peter Molyneux and his team at 22cans appear to have quietly ended development on god game Godus,... | PC

What is Molyneux Planning? From F2P Godus to the Emotional Leaderboard of The Trial

325d ago - Peter Molyneux has discussed a new project, The Trial, at the Fun and Serious Game Festival in Bi... | iPhone

HITC's Weekend Playlist

327d ago - HITC Tech says: "It's the first weekend playlist of 2015, so let us wish you a happy new year, an... | PS4
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