GODUS: Great Game, But Has Yet To Live Up To Its Potential

GameNTrain Author Christopher Carpenter writes: I’ve been a fan of Peter Molyneux since he released Black and White, and as such I’ve developed a strong enjoyment of the scarcely updated god game genre. So I was quite glad when I heard that Peter was creating a new game for the genre called Godus. As such, when the game hit open beta I proceeded to do what every extreme gamer does: I ceased all connection with the outside world and invested 48 hours in the game before taking a break.

While the game is great fun even in its early form., there is only 41 percent of the features implemented into the game at the moment, it is far from complete. Because of this, the game is quite bare bones at the moment and should be played with a grain of salt as more features will come in time.

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I loved black and white 2,definitely going to get this at its final release.