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I’ll admit it, I've got a bit of a thing for Peter Molyneux.

Whilst my “thing” with him isn't sexual, I’d be quite happy if he tucked me in- Writes PridedLlama

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karlosmorale1407d ago

Spot on preview. The current build is absolutely rancid in terms of being a PC title. It is so intrinsically wrapped in it's F2P model for mobiles that it leaves the PC gamer with an impossible-to-enjoy, stilted experience.
Molineux and 22Cans need to go back to the drawing board and completely rework the mechanics for PC.
And at 14.99? It's a mugging.

3-4-51406d ago

Did anybody else really expect this to be awesome ?

Going mobile is just gross.

karlosmorale1404d ago

Expect it to be awesome? No.
Hope it would be good, sure.

Mobile can be a great platform but for the most part microtransaction-supported f2p games are a sewer, since the concentration is all on gouging for money rather than producing a great experience.

Codewow1407d ago

Bought it way early on... All I can say is it was an awesome idea that won't come to fruition with the focus on it being a mobile title.. It'll turn into a clash of clans clone soon enough...

PridedLlama1407d ago

its been really cheap in a load of sales as of late, £3 or £15 it's still a bad game at the minute. Such a shame

FrugalDaz1407d ago

I will take a look next time I see it cheap

Saryk1407d ago

If I could return it, I would! Another game that has made me dislike early access!