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Guild Wars 2: World XP and Legendary/Ascended Gear to become Account Bound

21d ago - Do you wish that unlocking epic armour and gaining World XP for all your characters was easier? I... | PC

Guild Wars 2: Social Play Updates

22d ago - Are you an avid PvP or WvW Guild Wars 2 player? Do you love to team up with fellow Tyrians to tak... | PC

Guild Wars 2: Gem Store Dyes, Tools, and More

23d ago - Do you crave new items and deals to sink your gems into? Well, head on over to the land of Tyria... | PC

Guild Wars 2: Dye Updates

23d ago - With the April 2014 Feature Pack on the horizon, the guys at Arenanet have released more informat... | PC

Enter to Win a PS4 and More!

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Guild Wars 2: Road to Change

24d ago - Rejoice heroes of Tyria. The Feature pack is on the horizon. Come April 15th, changes big and sma... | PC

Guild Wars 2: Tournaments of Legend

28d ago - Fancy winning legendary equipment for you and your team of merry men and women? Then the tourname... | PC

Guild Wars 2: Traits Unleashed

30d ago - Get ready to shake up your character traits and experience an update to the trait system of Guild... | PC

Guild Wars 2: Gem Store Hair Styles, Minis, and More!

31d ago - Do you want more items to spend your gems on in Guild Wars 2? Well here you go. The Black Lion Tr... | PC

Guild Wars 2 Developer Colin Johanson Talks ESports And Expansion

229d ago - At PAX Prime in Seattle, ArenaNet entered the eSports arena with Guild Wars 2. Developer Colin Jo... | PC

Guild Wars 2 free trial weekend, try out the “fastest selling MMO”

245d ago - Guild Wars 2 free trial weekend, try out the “fastest selling MMO” | PC

New GW2 Queen’s Jubilee Icons Datamined

260d ago - Earlier this week ArenaNet announced the upcoming GuildWars 2 Queen’s Jubilee event that’s set to... | PC

5 E-Sports Events of MMOs For This Summer

262d ago - Here is a list of 5 E-sports events during this summer and there is always a right for you! | PC

ArenaNet: Guild Wars 2 Plans for 2013

273d ago - During the latest blog post ArenaNet talks about the future plans for Guild Wars 2 until the end... | PC

Guild Wars 2: Cutthroat Politics Content Update and 2 Campaing Videos

275d ago - As MMOCast reported earlier, Guild Wars 2 latest update, Cutthroat Politics will be released on J... | PC

“Living World” system coming to Guild Wars 2 | PCGmedia

278d ago - ArenaNet have really impressed with their frequent updates to Guild Wars 2. As a game that requir... | PC

New GuildWars2 Armor and Weapon Skins Data Mined

278d ago - Once again the crew have stumbled upon an impressive amount of new GuildWars2 ico... | PC

Guild Wars 2: Cutthroat Politics Update coming on July 23rd

279d ago - On July 23rd ArenaNet will release a new update for Guild Wars 2 called Cutthroat Politics. After... | PC

Guild Wars 2 at China Game Developers Conference (CGDC 2013)

282d ago - The Organizing Committee of the 6th China Game Developers Conference announced that Mr. Chris Whi... | PC

Over 150 Items Data Mined From GuildWars 2

287d ago - Someone was kind enough to send over 150 new items data mined from the Guild Wars 2 client. Some... | PC

Interview with GuildWars2 Dungeon Designer Robert Hrouda

411d ago - GWI snags some time with one of ArenaNet's Dungeon Content Designers, Robert Hrouda. They cover t... | PC

Contests For N4G Members

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Guild Wars 2 sPvP: Why Didn't It Turn Out as Expected?

435d ago - Guild Wars 2, the most anticipated game of 2012, may be conquering the environmental experience i... | PC

Guild Wars 2 guesting feature finally arrives on January 28

457d ago - After months of work by developers and demand by the community, ArenaNet is finally bringing its... | PC

ArenaNet wrongfully banning ‘Guild Wars 2’ accounts for buying/selling gold

478d ago - Since its release last August, Guild Wars 2, as with most massively multiplayer online games, has... | PC

GuildWars 2 Wintersday: Snowball Mayhem Guide

490d ago - GW2's latest holiday content features the Snowball Mayhem event, a CTF-style snowball fight for a... | PC

GuildWars 2 Wintersday: Bell Choir Guide

490d ago - GW2's holiday Guitar Hero style content, the Bell Choir event. Check out this guide for tips, tri... | PC
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