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PvE set to power-up in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns [Pixel Dynamo]

26d ago - Pixel Dynamo recently sat down with Isaiah Cartwright, lead designer at ArenaNet to talk about th... | PC

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Video Interview - EGX Rezzed 2015

29d ago - An interview with Liz from ArenaNet/NCsoft about the upcoming Expansion on Guild Wars 2 and the f... | PC

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (3DS) Review

Now - Justin takes the latest 3DS remaster for a spin. | Promoted post

Top 5 moments in Guild Wars 2

51d ago - With Guild Wars 2's first expansion on the horizon, Thomas looks back on his most memorable exper... | PC

Discover the Revenant, Guild Wars 2's New Class

66d ago - ArenaNet is famous for keeping their fans hungry for more, but they delivered a throughout descri... | PC

GW2: Heart Of Thorns Beta Launching After PAX East

87d ago - Game Designer Colin Johanson says in exclusive interview that the Heart of Thorns beta will launc... | PC

Guild Wars 2 DLC & ESports Interview

230d ago - ArenaNet developer Devon Charver discusses the latest content for NCSoft and ArenaNet MMO Guild W... | PC

ArenaNet’s Community Team Leader and UI Lead are leaving the company

244d ago - SegmentNext - "ArenaNet, the developer behind the popular title Guild Wars 2 has suffered a big b... | Culture

Guild Wars 2 Announces September 2014 Feature Pack

255d ago - Do you play Guild Wars 2? Are you eager to see see how Arenanet can improve and tweak the game? W... | PC

Guild Wars 2 New Weapon Skins and More

256d ago - Are you a fan of Guild Wars 2? Do you seek more Black Lion goodies to sink your gold into? Well l... | PC

Guild Wars 2: World XP and Legendary/Ascended Gear to become Account Bound

394d ago - Do you wish that unlocking epic armour and gaining World XP for all your characters was easier? I... | PC

Guild Wars 2: Social Play Updates

396d ago - Are you an avid PvP or WvW Guild Wars 2 player? Do you love to team up with fellow Tyrians to tak... | PC

Guild Wars 2: Gem Store Dyes, Tools, and More

396d ago - Do you crave new items and deals to sink your gems into? Well, head on over to the land of Tyria... | PC

Guild Wars 2: Dye Updates

397d ago - With the April 2014 Feature Pack on the horizon, the guys at Arenanet have released more informat... | PC

Guild Wars 2: Road to Change

398d ago - Rejoice heroes of Tyria. The Feature pack is on the horizon. Come April 15th, changes big and sma... | PC

Guild Wars 2: Tournaments of Legend

401d ago - Fancy winning legendary equipment for you and your team of merry men and women? Then the tourname... | PC

Guild Wars 2: Traits Unleashed

403d ago - Get ready to shake up your character traits and experience an update to the trait system of Guild... | PC

Guild Wars 2: Gem Store Hair Styles, Minis, and More!

404d ago - Do you want more items to spend your gems on in Guild Wars 2? Well here you go. The Black Lion Tr... | PC

Guild Wars 2 Developer Colin Johanson Talks ESports And Expansion

602d ago - At PAX Prime in Seattle, ArenaNet entered the eSports arena with Guild Wars 2. Developer Colin Jo... | PC

Guild Wars 2 free trial weekend, try out the “fastest selling MMO”

619d ago - Guild Wars 2 free trial weekend, try out the “fastest selling MMO” | PC

New GW2 Queen’s Jubilee Icons Datamined

634d ago - Earlier this week ArenaNet announced the upcoming GuildWars 2 Queen’s Jubilee event that’s set to... | PC

Axiom Verge (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out this throwback to the classic SNES days. | Promoted post

5 E-Sports Events of MMOs For This Summer

635d ago - Here is a list of 5 E-sports events during this summer and there is always a right for you! | PC

ArenaNet: Guild Wars 2 Plans for 2013

646d ago - During the latest blog post ArenaNet talks about the future plans for Guild Wars 2 until the end... | PC

Guild Wars 2: Cutthroat Politics Content Update and 2 Campaing Videos

649d ago - As MMOCast reported earlier, Guild Wars 2 latest update, Cutthroat Politics will be released on J... | PC

“Living World” system coming to Guild Wars 2 | PCGmedia

651d ago - ArenaNet have really impressed with their frequent updates to Guild Wars 2. As a game that requir... | PC

New GuildWars2 Armor and Weapon Skins Data Mined

652d ago - Once again the crew have stumbled upon an impressive amount of new GuildWars2 ico... | PC
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