Guild Wars 2: NCSoft Confirms Console Port For Guild Wars 2

In the most recent NCSoft conference call, a question came up about the console version of Guild Wars 2. NCSoft had a few things to say about it and has the audio.

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maawdawg2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

I am slowly going beyond "anxiously awaiting" this game and approaching "gradually resenting" their methods.

One beta test in spring is the only way they are going to have an idea on release window? This game has been in a playable state in demo for a solid year already, actually longer. Either they took a vertical slice far too early and showed it publicly, they have the worst producers/director in the industry for scheduling and planning, or they are becoming to "head down" in their development to see that their "when it is done" approach and releasing crumbs of useless info is more annoying than helpful at this point.

Every PC game I have really wanted for the past year(s) has been pushed, had (and still has) no release date, and still hasn't made any firm commitment to actual launch. Torchlight 2 is months overdue after guaranteeing a launch last year, Firefall was due in Dec and isn't even doing a firm release at all, Diablo 3 is delayed and still redoing major systems and is buggy in beta, and Guild Wars 2 I played last March and still is no closer to having a release window after a FULL YEAR of more production?


LostChild2442d ago

I am really looking forward to this game on consoles. I hope it does well too, so that other big name MMORPGs will follow GuildWar2 footsteps.

rebirthofcaos2442d ago

well, I guess we know the console it will be release ps3,it may land on 360 but only if microsoft doesnt screw the port for their console.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

I think they basically confirmed PS3 version.
Great news, I was waiting for a MMORPG on console.

I had fun with the first Guild Wars when I had a gaming PC

NiteX2442d ago

The more I hear about this game the more it sounds less like an MMO, and more of some cheap console RPG like Dragon Age 2. Oh well at least SWTOR is great. Shame NCsoft is in charge.

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