New GuildWars2 Armor and Weapon Skins Data Mined

Once again the crew have stumbled upon an impressive amount of new GuildWars2 icons for armor, weapons and election propaganda. The new items look to feature at least two new armor skin sets that may elude to gear won/purchased by choosing sides in the election between Ellen Kiel and Evon Gnashblade.

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staticjoe1740d ago

I feel like its been forever since we've had actual new armor introduced into the game. I hope this is new gear and not just skins.

kefkah1740d ago

If it is new gear - chances are, it is going into the cash shop.

xseven1740d ago

Or RNG! Just kidding. Hopefully it's not some limited time only skins created from another grind-fest event.

Echel0n1740d ago

I haven't played GW2 in quite some time, still waiting for a bit of solid content to come out. IMO, these short burst updates are going to get old very quick.

WTB Expansion info, I'm still holding out a bit of hope that they'll fix some of the issues with the game.

ATi_Elite1740d ago

YES! I'm happy with the new armor updates

but sad cause the enemies are just gonna get tougher thus making the game even more of a challenge and funner to play.

Guild Wars 2, just when you hate GW2 and stop playing, ArenaNet sucks you back in.

Wormwood1740d ago

I'm really liking the idea of this election. And now items to boot!

-Remember Realistic Expectations...-

Grayn1740d ago

I just hope this is enough to get me back into the game.