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Aion – New Items in the shop 23/01

3d ago - Week on week you’ll find new and useful items for your adventure or cool skins for your personal... | PC

Aion – Collector of Letters

5d ago - Aion, arguably the best free to play mmorpg game,announces their first in game event of the year.... | PC

Aion – Beginner and instance server merger

5d ago - In November 2014 the Gameforge team started a survey in the Aion forums. They wanted to know, fro... | PC

Aion – New items in the Aion store

7d ago - Week on week you’ll find new and useful items for your adventure or cool skins for your personal... | PC

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Aion - Return to the Shugo Imperial Tomb

11d ago - Opening from now until 11/2/2015, the Shugo Imperial Tomb will once again be unlocking its gates... | PC

Aion – New items in the Aion shop 8th Jan

18d ago - New items in the Aion store this week include : Sharptooth Barbtail, Daeva Fortune Cookie, Skulla... | PC

Aion – State of the Nation 2014/15

26d ago - As another eventful year in the world of Aion draws to a close the Gameforge team would like to t... | PC

Aion – More new items in the shop

28d ago - Solorius Aether Treasure, Dew Steed, Feather Jewellery Bundle and much more arrives in store. Wee... | PC

Aion – Answering your questions

34d ago - The year is drawing to a close and the coming holidays are just the occasion to address your curi... | PC

Aion – Hoverboards at dawn

39d ago - Shugos are still promising delivery of all their festive items in time for Christmas (if not fast... | PC

Aion – Solorius Healing camp

40d ago - Prepare yourself for the cold months ahead in Aion. Winter is the time of cold and colds. To make... | PC

Aion – New Items arrive in store 11/12

46d ago - Another week, another set of new items in the Aion store. It won;t be long before they have a TES... | PC

Aion – Solorius events in December

47d ago - Gorgeously decorated Solorius trees standing proud as soldiers in the capitals of Aion, the scent... | PC

New items in the Aion shop

53d ago - Week on week you’ll find new and useful items for your adventure or cool skins for your personal... | PC

Aion presents the Grand solorius Lottery

53d ago - Winter is coming in Aion and with it comes a cool new game event: the Grand Solorius Lottery. Col... | PC

Aion release Solorius event details for Dec and Jan

59d ago - Free to play, high end MMO Aion have released their annual Solorius festival which gives players... | PC

G-Star 2014: NCSoft is Going Mobile with Popular Titles Aion, Blade & Soul, and Lineage Eternal

66d ago - During G-Star 2014 in Korea NCSoft announced not one, not two, but three mobile games tied to the... | PC

Aion's New Update Goes Live

76d ago - NC soft has released the newest update for Aion. Invasion, the newest free update includes a lot... | PC

NCSoft Chasing 18+ Rating For Aion

84d ago - According to a new post on MMOSite developers NCSoft today submitted their second application to... | PC

AION New Update "Big Invasion" Introduces Mysterious Regions

252d ago - NCsoft released a new trailer of AION Korea to preview the upcoming contents of Big Invasion upda... | PC

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Ever Wanted to Play Frozen in an MMO? Now You Sorta Can

308d ago - Popular South Korean MMO Aion just got an update. Included in this recent patch was a new golden... | PC

Aion(KR) Shows off Dessert Weapons for White Valentine's Day

314d ago - To celebrate White Valentine's Day on March 14, Aion(KR) recently showed off a series of weapons... | PC

Korean MMO Aion celebrates second birthday in Europe with some impressive stats

328d ago - NCSoft MMO Aion has now been free-to-play in Europe for two years, and it’s putting up some very... | PC

Aion: Love is in the Aether Event

343d ago - MMOsite: It’s that time of the year, and love is floating through the Aether. For the next two we... | PC

Aion 4.5: Steel Cavalry Will be Available on January 29

367d ago - The Aethertech, armed with a cipher blade, can summon a large magical mechanical construct called... | PC
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