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Submitted by BUM 2544d ago | screenshot

New screens from CryEngine MMO, Aion: Tower of Eternity

NCsoft reveals 16 new in-game screenshots and concept art images of its very expected fantasy CryEngine MMO, Aion: The Tower of Eternity. (Aion, Aion: Tower of Eternity, PC)

dericb11  +   2544d ago
Wow. This is a "Gorgeous" looking game.
PR0NE  +   2544d ago
if the game mechanics are half as good as the game looks, i am scrappin my wow subscription for this(anyway nothin new to do until ulduar :p)
egyptian_diarrhea  +   2544d ago
From the same guys,ncsoft, i think there's coming some cryengine 2 mmo's like blade and soul and i think some more, if i'm not mistaken.This one uses a modified cryengine 1.
The screens and videos i've seen from aion don't look that promising aesthetically speaking as those from blade and soul.
Major_Tom  +   2544d ago
Blade & Soul looks pretty epic, on my list anticipated list for sure.

Check out this tid-bit from Wikipedia [citation needed]
----------------------------- ---
Exclusive deal with Sony

During E3 2007, Sony revealed that they had entered into an exclusive deal with NCsoft to produce new titles exclusively for the PlayStation 3. This contract included titles from both existing intellectual properties owned by NCsoft as well as new IPs.

With Blade & Soul being one of the first new titles announced from NCsoft since Aion: Tower of Eternity, many gamers speculated Blade & Soul to be a PlayStation 3 game. However, in an interview, the production director claimed that the game is PC exclusive at the moment[1].
----------------------------- -

Aion looks great, but from a graphics point of view Blade & Soul looks just amazing.

Thanks alot for that link, that made my day.
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specialguest  +   2544d ago
It's an MMO, so that kinda explains why the character model were okay, but everything else looks top-shelf liquor quality great.
Major_Tom  +   2544d ago
Wow, that's awesome, but if it plays like an NCSoft game then no thank you.

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