MMOs to hope for in 2009

Gamer Limit writes "The MMORPG world is a volatile beast. With dozens of MMOs released each year, gamers are forced to wade through the not - so - good games to the true gems hidden in the mire. On top of that, release dates are finicky, some games are stuck in limbo for months after the predicted launch date, and some never make it to beta at all."

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syvergy3227d ago

Ah, so many ways to waste time!

zagibu3226d ago

I hope Jumpgate Evolution won't be good, otherwise it's gonna slice into my freetime like a knife into hot butter...

Dimly3227d ago

I don't think my personal life can afford the hit!

iseven3227d ago

Nothing really that compares to Warcraft

squee3227d ago

f2p mmo's are pretty sweet

Mario183227d ago

I can't wait for NcSoft to announce titles for the PS3 at this E3 show.

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