Aion Paid Services On The Way

Players of NCsoft's Aion are in for a nice treat in the new year, following the introduction of paid services allowing them to change certain features on their characters.

Plastic surgery, name change, gender swap and legion name change are all in the works.

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Pennywise2889d ago

How about CONTENT. The one thing that keeps people coming back for more.

Rock Bottom2889d ago

Paid services in a paid MMO, yet the title is still trying to make it sound like a good thing. :(

SCFreelancer2889d ago

I always wonder how many users actually buy these services. It is a nice way to make money without effecting the gameplay so fine with me :)

Leord2889d ago

Well, it's quite popular in WoW. I assume that a similar large portion of players would use it. Mind you, WoW has more of them :P

Maticus2889d ago

About time! But I hope they won't charge for changing your hairstyle....

Leord2889d ago

Nah, sounds a little bit petty. Not even Blizzard does that...

thetamer2889d ago

Finally, means I can get rid of this stupid character I have

2888d ago