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I sense another “Xbox business update” podcast brewing.

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Let’s not pretend Sony is setting the world on fire with its first party either….it’s been crickets from them as well. In fact they even said not to expect any at all this year.
MS is a dumpster fire and Sony isn’t fighting anymore and it shows. I fail to see how this is a good thing.

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Hope they implement them on other games as well like horizon series. I’d play through them again on the Ally.

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All in the first two minutes.

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Nah, they just found a way to monetize them.

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Exactly most of these people wouldn’t last a season in the trades.

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Yeah the play anywhere feature is amazing. I get console only players couldn’t care less but for the ones who do use PC it’s pretty great and works amazingly well.
On topic though maybe it’s my setup and location but Xbox cloud/streaming/remote play has far better quality over what I can get from my ps5. Remote play on ps5 is unplayable for me. Maybe MS works better over slower internet like my situation but when you have access to good internet PS comes through. I’m not sure becaus...

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This dude is a jerk and all about himself. He sure has Sony fooled. If people would actually look into him and how he treats people instead of looking through the TLoU binders I don’t see how anyone can support this guy.

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There comes a time in an adults life when you realize there isn’t a single company that gives a shit about you. The only person that will look out for you is you.
Since having that mindset of knowing what’s good today can be gone tomorrow your lifestyle and spending habits tend to change dramatically.
I used the workforce to get experience and skills and have since started my own business and will never go back to working for corporate greed.

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Hope this means they update those old games to run on modern pcs. Fallout 3 sucks on win10/11.

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Went PC a year ago and haven’t regretted it one bit. Downloads faster, games look better, can be modded, cheaper games, no online paywalls and most modern games play just like a console with controller.

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I can only imagine. My high school was halo vs socom.

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I have never had a good experience with cloud gaming…ever. The artifacting and constantly changing resolution along with stutters ruins immersion and I just give it up.
Maybe in major cities with stupid fast internet it may work for some people but in my area this is just not worth the effort.

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Bummer, Sony should have made it like wiiU gamepad with WiFi as a secondary option. No reason they can’t direct link with ps5 when in same room or area. Instead they open themselves to the variable conditions of consumer WiFi. Was hoping for better but I’m glad I waited.

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Forza died at 7 for me. Such a disappointment. I heard this changes things a little bit with rpg elements and it doesn’t sound to appealing to me. Plus the always online is a hard pill to swallow just like GT7. Even though i have GP I still probably won’t bother with it.
I’ll stick with GT7 for now.

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Exactly why I resisted for so long. Really considering ditching my consoles and entering the PC side for this reason. PC been digital for a decade now but it works because you have multiple storefronts and are not locked to a paywall.

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Yes since last gen.

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The Spider-Man DLC will decimate all!
Seriously though gamers these days have attention span of a house fly. What really gets me is GTA-V is always there! Insane!

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The company was third party. They did make one but discontinued it. It makes way more sense for the series S. I leave X on the tv and travel with the S.

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I bought this a few months ago along with a series S to travel with. My work trips can leave me stuck in hotels a lot.
It was a little pricy but it’s quality and works really well.

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