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Well if I have the disc version of horizon forbidden west and then that game gets added to ps+ I can then redeem it and no longer have to swap discs if I decide to boot it up. Plenty of scenarios for this but it’s not a shout from rooftop sorta thing.

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These are the games you should buy. It shows EA what your willing to pay for. Voting with your wallet goes both ways.

I’m buying this because I love the series and I have just a slither of hope that maybe it will show EA that I want them to let Bioware not turn my other fave franchise (Dragon age) into poop.

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Or you could just not waste time watching a streamer and just play your game?

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Name some publishers that haven’t used shady business practices. Any anthem news gets released and people here and all over shit on the game and ea and bioware calling it dead or hot garbage.
They finally put the game to rest and now everyone loved the game and shame on them for killing it.
The double standards here is amazing to see, I swear gaming has become a cesspool of hate.

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I literally just bought this 2 weeks ago and was really hoping they would put on switch.

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At least they are apologizing and engaging with people. Unlike no mans sky dude just went ghost for months.

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Maybe that’s why they are doing the trilogy remaster. Make saves carry over to this new game? Maybe.

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Yup, that and the Mass Effect teaser is my biggest take away. God I really hope Bioware can get it together.

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PD are known for delays so I won’t expect this anytime soon. On the other hand I’m super excited for it as it looks like they are going back for their roots!

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I’ve enjoyed them all except Anthem. I just don’t buy always online games.

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Pure negativity around here. FYI those early talks about a GaaS model was canned and the game was restructured. They won’t do another Anthem. I can all but promise you that. I have to have hope that Bioware will get it together.

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Pretty sure the GaaS version was canned. Even though Casey and Mark are leaving I remain hopeful DA will be ok. I want to believe they are restructuring and getting their stuff together. I also think EA has eased off the a little because EA been trying to play the “were supporting SP games too, see Star Wars” plus EA doesn’t want another Anthem.

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That’s my thing. More destructible environments, better effects/graphics but most devs will just push resolution so they can keep making same generic games year after year and put 4K/60 on the box.

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I’d rather use the horsepower for better AI, draw distance, detail, effects, than to care about 120fps. 1440/60 and use the rest for the game engine. All we are getting is same ps4/Xbo games but with higher resolutions frame rate. Screw that.

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Should surprise no one. Haven’t had price increase in 2 generations. Nothing stays same price forever.

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She definitely loves the video game industry and has passion and drive. I can’t get on board with her SJW outburst she has from time to time though.

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And I thought I was only one who caught that.

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I had series x preorder through Amazon. I canceled it 2 weeks ago. $500 just a lot of money to spend for nothing new. Gonna keep my one x and 4pro and see what the spring brings us.

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And Andromeda in its current form is still better than most 3rd party crap being released today.

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Ummm no.

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