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Difference is you could play a ps3 just fine anywhere you had a electrical outlet and a TV. The market to sustain a good stadia experience is much much smaller and most people who don’t want to buy a console probably aren’t paying for the best internet either.

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“For you” Is not same as everyone else. I’m sure for some people it is working great but would you like to buy me one and pay for a game and sub? I’ll be happy to upload a video of my experience as proof stadia is garbage for anyone not on a unlimited stellar connection.
Why would I want to play at 720 because my connection isn’t as good as a city dweller?

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Haha MS has slaughtered E3 last couple years man. Easy to do when your basically only one there but still. Joke has lost its luster.

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What are you doing to your controllers man lol. I’m really curious. I’m 32 years old and have had every system and I’ve never torched a controller. I’ve had battery take a poop in one of my DS4s and one XB1 controller develop drift but I read people breaking bumpers off and having joysticks come apart it’s crazy!

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I wanted to stop reading after that bit.
However, I have a hard time going back to regular controller after I bought my elite. As much as I love it and wish Sony had a 1st party offering. I can promise you MS hasn’t made Sony sweat the entire generation.

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I highly doubt any console will ever reach anywhere near that number ever. A lot more options now than back then. Xbox wasn’t around at start of ps2 and even when it came out it sold abysmally. Now you have streaming services like psnow, Xcloud, Stadia, along with the physical consoles. Smart phone were a pipe dream when ps2 came out, same with wii, casual market is going smart phones and probably some streaming option at best.

The fact Sony sold over 100mil ps4s without ha...

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Says dev.

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Ill continue to play it from time to time. I won’t be subscribing to this. F76 is no where near the quality of a game to warrant a sub. They just pushed back the NPC expansion into next year sometime so I’m sorry. If your going to have a sub then your game needs to be constantly updated more than twice a year. Sorry.

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There is still a active player base. I play from time to time. If I had to guess though Bethesda found out that no matter what they do to 76 the damage is done and they aren’t going to receive a ton more sales on the game. Now they need cash to justify resources to keep the game running, patches, updates, etc. I’m all for devs trying to correct their mistakes but this is just one of those games that should probably have just died, learn from it, and make a good fallout 5.

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“I dropped out of high school to kill Nefarian”


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This type of arrogance is why I despise stadia and google. There is no where on this planet outside a massively controlled environment that streaming is faster and more responsive than local silicon. Their heads really are in the clouds.

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Ability to only install the MP or SP or both portions of the game is awesome. Hopefully when games update you won’t have to constantly update a game just because the MP portion is getting new loot boxes.

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Man I wish I could experience that game for the first time again.

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I always ignore MT but the problem is when the game has been developed in a way that slows down progression just for the sake of buying xp boosters etc.

I miss days where everything was on disc and if you wanted that sweet gun or skin you had to unlock it somehow like beating a certain level on high difficulty or doing something within a certain time. Feeling of accomplishment and bragging rights instead of jut paying your way to the top.

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People saying this looks like PS dashboard I just don’t see it. I use both console a lot and the two are not the same from what I see. Especially those stupid ads you can’t get rid of on Xbox I hate that so much. Clutters the dash with unwanted BS.
If anything resembles PS it’s the current dashboard not this one. At least MS keeps it fresh, my p4pro lags pretty bad when using dynamic themes.

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Yeah I’m sure I did. I’m not 12 years old anymore and stay in my bedroom and play video games all day. I’m 35, married, work 65+hrs a week. People act like your going to be pro from the very beginning. Some people take this way too seriously.

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Great! Last time I played ND MP was U4 and my very first round I was learning what to do and I got 4 messages from tards telling me I suck and learn to play or whatever. Sorry I’m 35yo and I really don’t want to play in such a toxic environment so screw MP.

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Issue I had with TLoU back then was after I played it every other game I played just felt mediocre and subpar for about a year or so. I’m mid 30’s and so hyped. Just pre ordered the special edition as I collect steel books for any physical media I have.

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I just preordered as well which I haven’t done in a long time but it’s TLoU sooo...yeah. After that latest trailer it’s media blackout for me. I don’t want anything more spoiled for me.

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So you go to Starbucks and hang out and play COD on your phone over crappy WiFi?
Does anyone do anything without having to be entertained by a portable screen anymore?

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