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GameStop is already closed imo. I used to go there all the time and had been since EB games days. Only reason I’m glad they stick around is to keep physical distribution alive.

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They did this to themselves. Filling stores full of overpriced junk. Giving crap money for trade ins and charging damn near new prices for pre owned games and systems. Trying to push a subscription service to customers. Remember them trying to sell you used phones and tablets? They put up a store every 3 blocks.

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Or a nice trade skill. People still need housing, and those cars will break down.
But kids don’t want to get hands dirty anymore, sad when I ask my nephew what he wants to be when he grows up and he says “professional fortnite player” smh.

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This sounds good but now they’ve gone to post-review MT updates

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Nodoze hit it spot on.

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I hated that game. The damn Sasquatch would get me every time.

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Or worse. Mobile.

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Actually according to the article the boost is thanks to fortnite micro transactions and mobile game candy crush.

However, spider man was also mentioned.

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And people should not resort to insults to the ones who do like unpopular games. I enjoyed Two Worlds back in the day and look at those reviews.

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They are releasing within 2 weeks. Not sure how much content they could add in that time. Hopefully after a few months they will have major patches but by then it’ll be too late, hell it already is actually.

By the time fallout 76 is in a better state we will all be talking about next gen consoles and it’ll be game over for this.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery though so I’m sure Bethesda will get back on track.

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I think it’s probably a 6.5 for me. I felt the same on rdr2 and I bought the $100 edition. Got to about chapter 3 and just cant get bored with slow pace. I have actual real friends that play fallout 76 and we all agree the game isn’t perfect but it’s not as bad as the internet is making it out to be. It’s actually kinda nice because everyone I play with are super cool and friendly so maybe good thing all the tards are staying away.

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You mean the people that are actually playing the game like it and not just jumping on hate bandwagon.
The game is not fallout 5 but I had pretty low expectations going in and now I’ve put about 25 hours in it’s starting to grow on me.

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You haven’t heard from big name sites because they got bribed with awesome press kits and wanted to give the game at least 7-8/10 but they can’t now because A) it’ll look like they got swayed by the publisher or B) if they give low score it would ruin their fancy lad cakes next go around.

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Yes I want them to release a polished game. However even if they used the same engine and made it SP with traditional npcs the game would have faired better with the masses. Unfortunately all we got a game that is so far stretched from what made fallout real popular and they just sh*t on it.

I read sales were down 80% from fallout 4 so I know Bethesda is definitely feeling they messed up big time. But sometimes it takes something like this to bring out the best again from ...

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Because fallout hasn’t nor should have ever been a multiplayer game. Problem for me is that while I’m out exploring and I come across some structures I expect to go in and kill some enemies and loot the place and come out with more ammo stimpacks clothes or gear. Now I don’t even want to go into a building that’s not a quest target because I’ll waste my ammo on trash mobs and come out hungry and thirsty with no food,water,med aids and 600 aluminum or tin cans.

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That’s just one week bud. Box copies will definitely be around for at least one more gen of consoles if not longer.

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Guess this kills the whole “the next Xbox will just be a stream box” mentality. At least they understand the infrastructure isn’t there for a quality streaming service.

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This is exactly how I feel.

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Mines been loud since day 1. From horizon to rdr2. Now if I’m in the pause menus on rdr2 the fans really slow down and it’s silent but as soon as I resume then it’s full steam ahead again. It’s just something I’ve learned to deal with. Especially when it helps warm up my little game room I made out of one my bedrooms we don’t use.

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Inn level 10 and and it’s already starting to wear off on me. It’s ok if your playing with friends but playing solo is a chore. I feel like I’m battling my water and food meters more than exploring and doing quests. I don’t see this holding people’s attention very long.

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