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I said this same thing in another article and got flagged as inappropriate. The series S will hold back true capability of next gen. As a fan of all consoles I can’t help but feel Sony will have a leg up due to exclusives not having to account for a weaker system.
Only benefit I see with the series S is if the games you purchase on that system have much smaller download files due to not needing 4K textures, but I’ve seen no proof of that. That would help many people with less than i...

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I need more info on both actually. Cost isn’t a issue for me but I want to know Are these consoles going to have a always online requirement? DRM practices resembling what MS did in 2013? I need to know more about the system it self, UI, the cans and can nots. Technical tflops, compute units, cpu and going names don’t mean crap to me. Sony and MS have yet to show me why I should drop 1k this fall.

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That news is old. I’m confident they have rebooted their direction with this game. They are so early in development that there isn’t anything to show. You won’t see this for 3 years. And I’m fine with that. Inquisition I think could have been way better if it wasn’t a cross gen game.

The people in charge of dragon age today do seem to have a passion for it which is happy to see.

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People should learn the difference between a remake and a remaster. It’s definitely a improvement but I’ve been playing this on Xbox one x on and off and characters here look a lot more detailed and colorful.

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I understand this but I like how I can insert a disc, it installs and I can play a single player game while the update downloads in background. My internet speed is sub 5mbps. On Xbox I can’t play a game regardless if it’s a online game or not unless it’s been completely updated.

Nothing pisses me off more than going to play a game and I start it and then it’s like oh you need to update. Oh wait while we download this 15GB update in 2 days.

There are still ma...

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I just want to know if I can play this without internet.

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And GTAV is number 4. I’ve never finished that game....from ps3.

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It’s the last of us. “Caring about someone in this world is only good for one thing....getting yourself killed!!!” -Bill.

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Or haters creating a new account for sole purpose of review bombing this game without letting out their other alias. Honestly people who write this trash are just as bad. User scores on a game in this situation will never be taken seriously.

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Oh shut up. As a obese guy myself I’ve never though oh gee I sure wish games would pander to my body or I’m tired of seeing slim characters. If anything it makes me want to shed the pounds off. Enough with the poor me agenda.

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@darth umm I still have the same exact internet options I had 10 years ago. None. My sole home internet relies on LTE that I pay a ridiculous amount of money on each month. I get maybe 15mbs down on a good day. Installing base game from a disc and downloading a 10-15gb update much better than having to DL 50-80GB at once. By time the game gets done downloading I’ll have moved on to something else.

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A series S would be suicide. If it’s less powerful than series X and ps5 then developers would be forced to use it as the lowest denominator and that would hold back entire generation.

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Yeah my expectations are very low. I don’t get hyped for this stuff anyway as it just leads to disappointment.

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Those staged Sea of Thieves performances were very cringe worthy and I hardly use that word. It’s clear a lot of these people have never played a online game in last 10 years.

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E3 was a press event. Then they opened for the public and it went to shit. Same thing with SEMA. Once you let the random joe blows in the cool shit goes away.

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I collect steelbooks this is a bummer as I really liked this game. Missed opportunity seeing as a lot of companies provide a steelbook edition for $10 over base price.

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As of March? Wow I can only imagine what it’s done in April and May. They’ve been sold out everywhere till recently. Not to mention that was all before animal crossing.

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Imagine still believing there’s a unannounced Xbox console.
A lower spec “series x” would be disaster. If anything the code name refers to some sort of peripheral device or a cloud.
Most likely it doesn’t exist.

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