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It looks fun but for how long? I love(d) bioware but maybe I’ll wait and see what people who buy the game have to say.

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I hate to talk down about game developers because I understand how hard they work on a project but when I see videos of a them I’m only left with one question.

Does anyone really want this game?

This isn’t bioware I grew up with. To let mass effect go down the toilet for this game? Why? I see nothing special what so ever about it.

Sometimes a really good story can turn a avg game into a decently good game but I’m not feeling Anthem a...

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It’s almost as if you were expecting a flood of agrees because you wrote a comment bashing on Xbox.

Everything in your comment revolves around record this, broadcast that, so what. It’s been common knowledge the ps4 has better streaming options as it has a dedicated processor just for those tasks.

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I actually get off a airplane at midnight so I’m just gonna sleep on the plane and get game when store opens fri morning and get ready for some Wild West action.

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So I have fri-tues off and I’m going to be in a red dead coma for 4 days

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Yeah 3D comes and goes it never really stays mainstream. I felt same with VR, I’m sure some people like it and think it’s great but it’s not how I want to play games.

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I’d pay 10 more bucks not to have to DL a 50 GB day one update. Keep digital at 60 and I’ll pay more for physical if it prevents me from waiting forever to DL updates or another portion of the game I.e.blops4.

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I hope it continues. Screw having to download 50, 60, 70+GB game patches and updates. Let me install from disc and start happily playing my game and have maybe a 1-3GB update DL in the background.

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Like a few minutes vs hours or in my case all day to download a game. People need to understand there is a vast amount of people in rural locations with limited internet options. I only have satellite or LTE option and you don’t want to know how much I spend on unlimited mobile data connection.

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Funny you mention fortnite a real F2P game that preys on little kiddies to max out mommy’s credit cards for useless clown costumes.

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Forza 7 is 100+ GB
ESO is 105+

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I have a smaller bedroom in my house I turned into a “game room” and my ps4pro will definitely warm up that area pretty good and it’s sitting on top a glass stand by itself. It also gets very loud but it’s a day 1 model and I’ve played the hell out of it but it’s done that since day 1. It’s never hot to the touch but if you put your hand behind it the exhaust is hottest air I’ve ever felt coming from a electronic. It is what it is I guess.

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Probably both of you can. For me I just finished shadow TR story and now going through new game plus and exploring more. I’ve never been into the superhero stuff, it just doesn’t appeal to me but from what I hear it’s an amazing game for fans of Spider-Man.

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Better than 401k

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how violent is madden? I could only imagine if this had been a COD event. Either way I’m sure the fallout is far from over on this one. In the mean time my heart goes out to all affected by this tragic event.

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I agree 100%. Bethesda shouldn’t even be wasteing time and this seems more of a hoax than anything really.

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It wasn’t a used game it was a new game being sold by a unauthorized reseller of said “new” game. Once a game is purchased it can not be sold as “new”. It can be...
Like new
New in box
Never opened
...whatever it is not new in the legal sense.

Yes, I understand people sell games advertised as new all the time but that doesn’t mean that it’s legal.

It’s reason why GameStop won’t trade in unopened games. Because they can...

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I’m not either, I’ll be picking up tomb raider. Comic Super hero stuff never been my thing. However from what I understand is that Spider-Man will be a pretty huge titan to go against.

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When I saw this I thought “man this must be X footage” crazy how talented rockstar is. I have a pro and a x and I’m kinda torn. I usually prefer my single player games on PS.

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Would be beast if this was made to be able to play all ps1,2,3,4 games. I already have a pro and as cool as it is I’m going to have to pass but this has a cool throw back modern twist to it.

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