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I tried it because it was free and I agree it’s garbage. It doesn’t even run smooth on switch. I expected nothing and received less than nothing.

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At some point you need to let people know what your selling. Obviously hardcore will commit to buying but I would think sooner or later your going to need to let the world know WHY they should be excited for your new product.

No denying that MS has been trying to generate a “hype” around its new console and marketing why people should buy their new console.

It’s still a little early as well I mean most hype around new consoles starts around E3 which has a...

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I have family in healthcare and while Covid is a real virus the numbers are what’s being mutated here. My family has witnessed people die through natural causes and still being labeled a Covid19 death on certificate.
I’m not a crazy tin foil hat wearing guy but I’m smart enough to know not to ever trust the government. Read between the lines people. Yeah people are dying from covid19 and it’s just as tragic as cancer or any other COD but understand these numbers are being inflated tr...

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Worse. I just cancelled my collector edition preorder. I’ll just remember TLoU as a single game. Neil went on stage and said they would do right by fans to make a part 2 years ago and dude is straight up SJW, woke, liar.

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He’s talking about the quality of the leaks not the game or the story itself.

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Is your brain stuck in the 90’s with that way of thinking? There’s games for every age group just like books, movies, music, food, and everything else in the world. Kinda sad this has to be explained actually.

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That was me. When game first came out I played maybe 3-5 hrs and it just didn’t grab me. At start of the lockdown I went back to it to clear backlog and see if it’s worth keeping and I stayed with main story lines and got hooked. Probably have 50+hrs in it now.

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No Anthem?

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Sweet I just want to swap A and B. As a multi console player it messes with my muscle memory

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So MS is going to release a less powerful sku that will hold developers back from series x and ps5? Devs have to develop for lowest denominator. Not gonna happen.

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Every smartphone does it. But honestly it was MS messaging with phrases like “always on, always listening” “Kinect required, internet connection required” I’m assuming ps5 will not need to be online to play offline games just like ps4 is today.

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Killer apps

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It’s a week. Most likely to get everyone situated in their new work from home environment and figure out how to communicate and finish what they need to do. Covid19 is effecting everyone.

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About 8 months for me and the cravings are still intense. Anything can be addicting but this has got to be a <1% and no way near the scale of tobacco.

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This is how I think because I’ve been in those shoes. Others may say that staying open puts that person health at risk. I’ve personally just been cut back to 40hr work weeks form 55+. Losing overtime pay means I am making significant lifestyle changes but I should be able to pay essential bills. These retail workers don’t have that luxury unless their companies are giving them paid time off which I highly doubt GameStop or Game will do.

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Well if your investing in digital media one would assume everything you Previously bought to work on the new hardware. Kinda like a PC, Galaxy, IPhone, Xbox. I mean for some that could be over $1000 worth of games no longer able to use once you buy the company’s newest model.
Sure you could just hold onto the ps4 but that really shouldn’t be needed in 2020.

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I understand but still seems like a afterthought. Could have easily been baked in from the getgo and not have to guess if games I bought would carry over or if I need to wait for 4 more stability updates first. 100 games is not that many considering I don’t play a lot of the “top” games like the Fortnites and CoDs.

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Huge disappointment for me. I would expect all ps4 games to be backward compatible. With the companies pushing digital future I’m not going to invest in digital if I can’t play those games on future hardware. MS is definitely a step ahead in my book in this regard.

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My slow week is 60. During peak season I’m around 80 laying in dirt using acetylene torches and welding on equipment In extreme heat and cold. I can be called in middle of night at times. I work tons of overtime and it’s not voluntary. But the compensation equals expectation so that’s why I do it.
So hard sitting at a desk in a air con environment I guess. Though I’m sure having that degree means you thought you’d get 100k salary with a 9-5.

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GameStop can turn it around but they must make this new generation count. They need to trim the fat and keep their stores with biggest floor plans. Get rid of the junk, adjust their pricing a little bit and focus on what people come there for.
Most of the store look cheaply put together and just a reel of desperation.
Stop with the $3 disc protection...c’mon this isn’t blockbuster.
They should have more demo kiosks with new releases or soon to release demos peopl...

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