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the characters and world design of fable legends was very impressive in the beta so this can only be good news.

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depends how powerful it is

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that's what I'm waiting for. hope I get to play it before the onslaught of games coming in march and april

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spiderman ps4

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@Apocalypse Shadow
personally I play the games I want to play the cheapest way possible and I wouldn't be to concerned about Asobo, Microsoft is paying them to develop the game so it makes no difference how people play it.

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you should get gamepass with the console so you wont even need to buy the game

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I had no idea all these studios had multiple teams lol.
there's no way naughty dog are working on anything else other than tlou2
there's no way santa monica will have anything ready
insomniac can bang games out pretty quick so they might tease something at e3 but nothing will be ready for launch
gurilla games could have a game ready but i think there next game will be 2021
i think they will rely on 3rd party like bluepoint ...

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really excited for ori and the will of the wisps, cyberpunk 2077, ff7 remake, psychonauts 2, tlou 2, doom eternal,ghosts of tsushima, halo infinite and got fingers crossed for a new killer instinct.

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2020 is looking amazing for the ps4 with tlou2, ff7 remake and ghosts of tushima but what first party studios are going to have games ready for the launch of ps5?

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it's going to fit perfectly with my current setup

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I think it's pretty obvious we wont be seeing those graphics in actual gameplay but even as an in engine cut scene it's really impressive and I have no doubt the game will look incredible.

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glad to hear it's vastly different. I loved forza motorsport but it started to get really stale after 4.

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I'm sure Godfall will look great but the reveal was definitely underwhelming imo. Hellblade had a much bigger impact and if you compare it to the first hellblades cut-scenes it's a huge improvement.

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I think the ps5 and xbox series x will have mostly 3rd party games at launch. I'm guessing about 3 exclusives each. halo infinite, killer instinct 4 and a new forza ( not motorsport or horizon ) for xbox and godfall plus one or two others for ps5

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I think a good comparison to make is just compare the hellblade 2 trailer to a hellblade cutscene.

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multiplayer works perfectly but the lag on online campaign is shocking. really gutted as we were looking forward to playing through on legendary

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shame online campaign co-op is unplayable for me.

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or maybe they like the design

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@ badz149

"RRoD? Are you saying that MS is so incompetent that even after 2 gens they still can't take a more compact design approach because they can't figure out the cause for RRoD? "

you mean like the xbox one x, which also happens to be much quieter than the ps4 pro.

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how powerful was this Linus mini rig?

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