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It just keeps getting better

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Just because games will be also be available on xbox one doesn't mean they can't take advantage of series x lol.

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I can't wait to see the rpg games playground and obsideon are working on.

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I'm hoping it's either ASBO or Techland

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I wont be upgrading to ps5 until I know all my ps4 games work on it

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there both going to be pretty similar but I wonder how ps5 will cope with ray tracing and sony didn't mention anything about vrs

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I was really impressed with this feature and glad they are continuing to support and improve older games.

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That's kinda the gameplay loop and incentive. The more you go out and explore/loot the more abilities, weapons. vehicles, charcaters and buildings become available and the more fun it becomes. The perma death always keeps you on your toes just make sure you plan well for whenever you leave base

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it could definitely be better in the graphics and presentation department and animations aren't the best but the gameplay systems they have are really deep and I really enjoyed it. Only people that have put a lot of hours into it can understand how complex the sim mechanics are.

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I haven't got 100% on many games but oblivion and the witcher 3 are two I am pretty proud about and enjoyed every second

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the wait is nearly over. the first is one of my favourite games this gen so super hyped for the sequel

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i'll admit I'm surprised at what is being created so quickly after launch, imagine what people will be able to do after a few years

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great additions , more of this please

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@Zeref He obviously doesn't have a pc

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I'm really struggling to keep up with these great games, heard good things about yakuza so will definitely try it out when I get a chance, might have to wait till after I've finished ori though

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I played ryse years after release and really enjoyed it, amazing visuals, fun combat and a good story, really hope we get a sequel one day.
I also really enjoyed sunset overdrive but I wouldn't call that game underappreciated as it reviewed really well and sold ok in theend

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really looking forward to yakuza 0 , I've heard good things

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it's more like theme hospital from back in the day, I belive it's made by the same people. I remember playing it on amiga

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