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On the Project Athia trailer it literally says "console exclusive for a limited time only" which means it's coming to xbox at some point because pc isn't a console.

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This proves the point i've been trying to make. It says console exclusive for a limited time only but even people on here who follow gaming news think these games are exclusive so the millions of casual gamers are definitely going to think they're exclusive.
Microsoft have also been guilty of this in the past but i have never seen it on this scale in one show, i believe there's around 11 games at that show that will come to xbox but you would have no idea watching it. Th...

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making amazing games and being consumer friendly

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Not entirely true, i think there's a chance they could come to ps5 at a later date. Just depends on the developers priorities or what deals have been made. These are very small development teams so it might be that they just want to focus on one console platform or maybe they were struggling for funding so asked microsoft for help or maybe microsoft wanted to bolster their launch lineup for series x. There's loads of possibilities but i feel that if they were permanen...

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If that were the case they would have shown it on a high end pc. Its not hard to understand, marketing deals and partnerships get made all the time and here sony have made a deal with epic to show this tech demo.

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Good, while i thought games like scorn, the ascent and medium looked interesting they didn't sell me on next gen.

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Lockhart is definitely real, microsoft employees have started the take home phase. It's going to be discless so i think it could potentially be less than $300

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Please don't let Pachter get your hopes up, it will not be $400.

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Funny how they have been so against single player games and then fallen order ( the only decent game they've made in years ) sells more than 10 million.

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i knew they were going to do something 1 hour before inside xbox lol. So predictable. would have been better if they tweeted a picture of the ps5 although they are probably saving that for an hour before the next microsoft event

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its way to early to tell

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I'm hoping for a god type game, like an evolution of viva pinata so im not to bothered about story or characters but i definitely needs an interesting gameplay loop and actually fun to play in single player

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no first party but a good chance we will see eldern ring

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they have confirmed it will be a gameplay trailer at the event

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if any of the games have raytracing that should be noticable

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we might get to see elder ring and rocksteadys new game and maybe even the harry potter rpg

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But that's the whole point, we are so desperate for ps5 news that everyone creams their pants when they show a logo. All the buzz the last few months has been around xbox. Its been a nice steady drip of info. Literally all we have had from sony is a presentation so boring its impossible to watch it all a logo and a picture of a controller. When sony finally have an event they best blow it out the water.

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i'm impressed

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really enjoyed cities skylines so might buy that before it leaves.

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it means 90% of games will look better on the series x so it's definitely important. I think there will some great games coming soon like hellblade 2, project mara, halo infinite, fable, obsideon big rpg, initatives game ( perfect dark ) everwild, forza and ive got my fingers crossed for a new killer instinct

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