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the only games i've paid full price for in the last 3 years are sekiro and red dead redemption 2

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I use gamepass on xbox but get physical for ps4.

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I hope it's a full on remake rather than a remaster but I'm all for anything alan wake

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name a game that's like gears 5 other than a previous gears game? I think it's pretty unique.

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I'm also playing co-op campaign, it's awesome

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haven't played days gone yet but it's a toss up between sekiro and gears 5 for goty imo.

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same, going to finish gears 5 this weekend then onto bloodstain.
gears 5 is a 9/10 for me so far. the level design and set pieces are amazing

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I'll definitely be trying this on gamepass.

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This is why I love gamepass , I can try games that I would never have bought and usually end up really enjoying them. Prey is a good example of this and I will definitely be trying bloodstained which I hadn't even heard of but seems like a game I will like.

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in the 80's and 90's most games could be completed in a few hours but games were still expensive. now imo games are more available with services and digital sales but most take much longer so time is now the problem for me.
I've actually just about got on top of my backlog, the only games I haven't played which I still want to are bloodborne and spiderman.
blasphemous looks really good so I will probably try that as soon as I've finished gears 5 which I...

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This clickbait article obviously had the desired effect.

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It is strange though, nobody can argue that gears 5 is better than gears 4 in every way. It has better graphics, sound, gameplay mechanics, world, story, characters and multiplayer modes.

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to be fair the best games i've played this year so far are RE 2 remake, sekiro, dmc5, metro exodus and gears 5. At the minute imo sekiro and gears 5 are my favorites with RE 2 just behind. I will try death stranding if it reviews well but it just doesn't look like something i would enjoy.

So if i had to pick a goty right now i would probably say gears 5. The fact i can play through the campaign with my friend and there's so much multiplayer content just edges it...

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i've never been into the vs but i'm loving the new arcade mode.

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Update, been playing all today and had zero problems so looks look everything has been patched just before the official launch

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When the games working it's amazing but if they don't sort these problems out soon it's going to be mcc all over again. At first I was getting booted from co-op campaign and all multiplayer modes then the collectibles were glitching and then last night just as I was about to get an achievement I stopped getting rewards for vs and escape. I knew this was going to happen because there were serious problems in all the beta tests which never got sorted. Pretty pissed off with it to ...

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Fingers crossed that this is start of many more good games from microsoft

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gamepass is only £2 for two months at the minute so I would definitely give it a try

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Which is really strange as it's obviously miles better than gears 4 in every way

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That's pretty high praise, the first game was incredible

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